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Perfect Match: Find out your personal money style and your matching credit card

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We’ve devised these 9 money personalities based on 15 years of answering your questions and helping find your best credit card. Now, you can figure out how you tick, and which kind of card suits your personal money style. That means no more analysis paralysis or sifting through 1000s of cards with no idea where to start. Isn’t that a huge relief?

So, let’s get started!

How to figure out your Credit Card Personality:

Step 1: Read through the Top 9 Personalities
Step 2: Jot down one or two that you recognise in yourself
Step 3: Use the quick links that match your personality type to compare cards and deals that are best suited for you

Ready to find out what kind of credit card person you are? Read through and find out!

You travel a lot. You love racking up points; checking your frequent flyer account is a dopamine hit. You might even be so familiar with your points program that you can estimate what your points will get you, from flights to hotel stays.

Whether you use the points for personal travel, work or for holidays with family, you’ll usually choose frequent flyer points over any other rewards program.

Your motto: Flights are more fun when they’re free!

⭐Best cards: Frequent Flyer cards   |   Rewards cards   |   Velocity cards   |   Cards with Bonus Points   |   Cards with Priority Pass   |   Travel Credit Cards   |   Cards with Free Travel Insurance

You spend a lot every month, but not more than you earn. You just have high monthly expenses because you have a family to pay for, you’re self-employed or have a high “retail turnover” (fancy name for enjoying shopping). You like to find ways to reduce your expenses and use different tools to make money for nothing.

As a Healthy Spender, you could be using a credit card to earn rewards on your everyday spending, save on overseas transaction fees and as part of an offset package to help you pay off your home loan sooner.

Your motto: Use money to make money!

⭐ Best cards: Rewards cards   |   Cards with Bonus Points   |   No Foreign Fee cards   |   Frequent Flyer cards

Welcome! This is your first voyage into credit cards and you hardly know where to start. You might be a student or a new permanent resident in Australia. Maybe you want to build your credit profile so you can get a home loan.

Whatever the reason, you’re probably looking for something you can sink your teeth into without getting in over your head – a low-cost, easy-to-navigate credit card.

Your motto: Everyone starts somewhere!

⭐Best cards: Credit Cards for First Timers   |   No Annual Fee cards   |   Low Interest-rate cards   |   Student cards

You watch your money like a hawk. You like to save and don’t mind following a budget; after all, there’s nothing as good as hitting a financial goal like saving for a house deposit, paying off a loan, or reaching a savings target. You’ve probably been to seminars or read books on money, budgeting, or how to boost your retirement.

You usually read reviews before committing to a new product and weigh up the pros and cons carefully.

Your motto: Money is a resource, so use it wisely!

⭐Best cards:  Credit Cards for First Timers   |   No Annual Fee cards   |   Low Interest-rate cards   |   Student cards

You love any kind of deal: a discount, two-for-one, voucher or cashback. You have a verified account with OzBargain and love the giddy zing of scoring a deal (even better if it’s a sneaky one). If there’s a loophole you’ll use it; if there’s a coupon you’ll dig it out of the dark web. You’re ok with spending lunch breaks scouring the internet for better prices and practising your price-match haggle speech for unsuspecting store staff.

Your motto: Never pay full price!

⭐Best cards: Cards with Bonus Points   |   Rewards credit cards   |   Cards with Cashback Deals   |   Cards with Special Offers

You may not need or want a credit card for every day, but you do want to have a little emergency fund ready just in case. You might even have a great credit card that earns rewards and gives you perks you use, but you also want a separate rainy day fund with lower interest rates for a true emergency.

Your ideal rainy day card has low or no annual fees, low interest rates and flexibility.

Your motto: Be prepared!

⭐Best cards: No Annual Fee cards   |   Low Interest-rate cards   |   Cards with 0% Purchase Offers

You use technology for everything: getting a dopamine hit on your 10,000th step, paying with your ring, ordering a mocha via an app and sending money using just a phone number. You’re keen to see what’s changing as the banking world is disrupted by new innovations, neobanks and cryptocurrency.

Your motto: Early adopters rule!

⭐Best cards: Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay cards   |   Crypto cards   |   Credit Union cards   |   Frequent Flyer cards

Budget? Balances? Nope – you buy things that you want and don’t worry too much about how much cash is going in and out. You’d rather have a root canal than think about sticking to a tight budget.

For splurgers, there’s always the risk that the credit limit feels like ‘free money’. You might even be an Indebted Splurger, if you already have money owing on another credit card (in which case you can look at balance transfers to help you get on top of your debt).

Your motto: Money is for spending!

⭐Best cards:  Cards with 0% deals on purchases and balance transfers   |   Low interest-rate cards   |   Cards with good balance transfer deals

You run a business, no matter how big or small. You’re a Sole Trader with an ABN, or a small business guru, or the CEO of a mega-corp; either way, you like to be smart about your business finances. You’re looking for ways to manage money better, especially if you have employees with company expenses. You want better ways to save on expenses, budget easier and make every dollar count. If every dollar earns rewards, even better for your bottom line.

Your motto: Earn on expenses!

⭐Best cards:  Business cards   |   Corporate cards   |   Fuel cards   |   Cards that earn points on ATO spending

How to use your Credit Card Personality

Every day, someone asks me what credit card they should get. But, it’s a bit like asking what car you should buy; it depends on how far you’ll drive, what you’ll use it for, and even how confident you are on the road.

Just like cars, the credit card that’ll work best for you will change as you travel along in life. It’s ok to have several credit cards in one lifetime – they’re a tool for perks, freebies, helping get on top of debt, having as an emergency fund and knocking years off your home loan.

Once you’ve read through the 9 money styles and can see what kind of spender, saver or deal digger you are, you’ll suddenly have laser-focus on the exact types of cards that will reward the way you live.

Using the comparison guides and reviews

When you use a comparison guide, you’ll see the top cards listed in a table. Here’s a quick 1-2-3 on using the guide.

1. Use the toggles to sort by the feature, for instance, by the amount of bonus points, the interest rate or the annual fee. It’s an easy way to highlight the feature you’re most interested in.

2. Click the card to read our review. Our reviews are written by real people and we do our best to give you all the information you need about the card and its offers.

3. Hit “Go to offer” to be redirected to the issuer page where you can find out more and submit an application.

On every page, you’ll be able to ask me a question by clicking the blue speech bubble. We aim to get back to you in a business day or so.

Good luck and happy card hunting, whatever kind of person you are!


Pauline Hatch

Pauline is a personal finance expert at, with 8 years in money, budgeting and property reporting under her belt. Pauline is passionate about seeing Aussies win by making their money – and their credit cards – work smarter, harder and bigger.

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Ask Pauline a Question

Hi, I’m a personal finance expert who loves to help you out! I’ll answer your question within a business day. Pinky swear.

We ask for your email so we can respond to you directly. We won’t share your personal data. For more information, see our privacy policy.

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