0% on Credit Card Purchase Offers

Updated 8 January 2020

Choose a 0% purchase offer to save money by paying no interest on purchases during the card’s introductory period. Designed to help you save on interest, 0% purchase offers charge zero interest on any purchases you make during the card’s introductory period. That means, whether you make one big purchase or a hundred little ones, you will pay absolutely no interest on those purchases throughout the entire introductory period.

If you’re thinking about going on holiday, doing some home renovations or buying a big ticket item such as a TV, a 0% purchase offer could make that happen. By choosing the right offer, you can pay for the items you need on the card, to then clear the balance before it starts accruing interest. Even if you simply want to use the card for day-to-day purchases, you could save on interest as long as you pay off your balance before the intro period ends.

At CreditCard.com.au, we want to make it easy for you to find the best 0% purchase offer for you. We’ve gathered offers from providers big and small, utilising visual comparison so you can quickly and easily compare the options. If you are accessing the site via desktop, look for the most filled-in circle to find the strongest offers. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, look for the most filled-in bar.

Comparing the options, it’s important to look beyond the offer. Finding the right card means understanding what the purchase rate on the card will be after the offer ends, and how much the card charges in annual fees. To go beyond this, simply click on the card you’re interested in to check out the stats in detail and to read our review of the card.

St.George Vertigo Platinum Credit Card

35 reviews
$0 saved over months

Bank of Melbourne Vertigo Platinum

5 reviews
$0 saved over months

BankSA Vertigo Platinum Credit Card

2 reviews
$0 saved over months

St.George Vertigo Platinum Rainbow Credit Card

1 review
$0 saved over months

NAB Low Rate Platinum Credit Card

2 reviews
$0 saved over 6 months

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Credit Card – 0% p.a. for 14 months on purchases

7 reviews
$0 saved over 6 months

NAB Low Rate Credit Card

26 reviews
$0 saved over 6 months

0% purchase offers

With a 0% purchase offer, you can save big on interest as you use your card day-to-day. To make it work, make sure you know how long the intro period lasts for, what the intro rate will revert to, and make a plan to pay off all your purchases before interest starts accruing.

Want to find out more? Check out our handy credit card application tips now.

Credit card application tips

What are 0% purchase credit cards?

Quite simply, a 0% purchase credit card is a card that has a 0% introductory offer on purchases. New cardholders who apply and are approved for a 0% purchase credit card will pay no interest on any purchases they make throughout the introductory period. This makes them a great option for anyone who wants to pay no interest for a short period of time.

One of the great things about 0% purchase offers are their flexibility. As long as you keep to your credit limit, you can use your card to buy whatever you want within that introductory period.

  • Want to make one big purchase and pay it off within the introductory period? Whether you’re looking to buy a washing machine or pay for a family holiday, a 0% purchase offer could make it happen.
  • Want to cover the costs of an ongoing project? Using a 0% purchase offer to cover projects such as home renovations lets you buy what you want, when you need it, to then pay it all back before interest starts accruing.
  • Want to save on interest day-to-day? Even if you’re just using your card for everyday spending, a 0% purchase offer could give you a bit more freedom to spend what you want – as long as you have the funds to pay it all back when the intro period ends.

Introductory periods vary. Some cards may offer introductory periods up to 15 or 18 months – and sometimes even longer – while others may last six months or so. Why does it vary so widely then?

Type of card: You may find low cost cards, such as low rate cards and low or no annual fee cards, offer shorter introductory periods on 0% purchase offers, while higher end cards with higher annual fees and purchase rates offer longer introductory periods. However, this is not always the case, so be sure to compare the options carefully on CreditCard.com.au to find the offer – and card – that works for you.

Card provider: In the world of credit card providers, there are big fish and little fish. Big fish, such as the Big Four, have bigger budgets, which can make it easier to provide bigger introductory offers. Smaller institutions, such as credit unions and member-owned banks tend to rely more on low ongoing costs rather than big introductory offers. But, that’s not to say you can’t get a great deal going to a smaller provider. Use CreditCard.com.au to compare 0% purchase offers from a wide range of providers to make sure you get the right offer for you.

Popularity of the offer: Introductory offers can rise and fall in popularity. When comparing introductory offers month-to-month, you may find there are more options and better deals on balance transfers, as that is the more popular type of offer. The following month, you may find there are better deals on 0% purchase offers. Keeping track on CreditCard.com.au can let you see which offers are trending, making it easier to find the best offer for you.

Once the intro period is up, the card’s standard purchase rate comes into play. That means, any purchases left unpaid – and any new purchases made from that point on – will start accruing interest at the card’s standard rate.

When comparing 0% purchase offers, always check the card’s standard purchase rate (also known as a revert rate). This is especially important if:

  • You plan to keep the card past the introductory period.
  • You don’t always clear your balance month-to-month.
  • You may not pay off all purchases made within the introductory period.

Happily, CreditCard.com.au makes it super easy to compare 0% purchase offers. But of course, you need to know what to look for when you compare each offer side-by-side.

  • Introductory Period: Think about how long you want the offer to last. Typically, the longer the better, but you should take other factors into account, such as how much the card will cost in annual fees, and what interest you will pay in the long term.
  • Standard Purchase Rate: If you plan to keep the card after the intro offer, be sure to check the card’s standard purchase rate. This is especially important if you think you may not pay off all your purchases by the end of the intro period, or if you tend to carry a balance month-to-month.
  • Annual Fee: Find out how much you will pay in annual fees in return for the card’s intro offer and the various other features provided.

If you want to keep the card past the intro period, you will also need to think about its suitability in the longer term. That means looking at features, fees and other factors.

Step 1. Choose the offer that works for you. Think about how long the offer lasts and what else the card has to offer.
Step 2. Make a plan for your purchases. If you have specific purchases in mind, such as a holiday or a renovation project, make a budget and avoid spending over it. Keep track of your spending month-to-month to make sure you are not spending more than you can afford to pay back.
Step 3. Set up a payment plan. Know how much you need to pay back each month to clear your purchases before the end of the intro period.

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13 January 2020
I want to withdraw a maximum of $15,000 in one lumpsum for a renovation project. However, I am planning to pay that off within 2 years. Is there any credit card that lets me pay off the $15,000 in 2 years at 0% interest?
    Roland B Bleyer - CreditCard.com.au Founder


    14 January 2020
    Hi Dushi, if you do a cash withdrawal, then its a cash advance. You will pay interest on the money from day one at typically over 20%. If it is simply a purchase. That is they run your card and that is the 15k payment. Then the longest 0% offer is for 15 months. After the 15 months any unpaid amount will revert to the standard purchase rate. Have a look at the Vertigo Platinum. The standard rate is 12.99% so not that bad. Though if you need cash, then I suggest a low rate personal loan e.g. https://www.creditworld.com.au/hsbc-personal-loan.html. Its not interest free, though will allow you to have cash to pay at a much lower rate than a credit card.
Nicole Coventry

Nicole Coventry

7 January 2020
I have 2 commbank credit cards total $8500. I pay them off at $200 each a month, I don't use them. I would like to combine both cards and pay $400 amonth of the total balance. which company could help me with this
    Roland B Bleyer - CreditCard.com.au Founder


    8 January 2020
    Hi Nicole, sure this is possible. I suggest the HSBC Platinum 0% balance transfer offer. Subject to credit approval, you can transfer your CBA credit card debt. Then pay 0% on that amount for up to 22 months. At $400 a month and no new spending. The debt should be pretty much paid off over the 22 months.


23 November 2019
Do you have interest free credit cards?
    Roland B Bleyer - CreditCard.com.au Founder


    25 November 2019
    Hi Nina, yes all this cards on the 0% purchases come with no interest on new purchases for a period of time. You are still required to make minimum monthly payments during the 0% period. Have a look at the St George Vertigo Platinum or Virgin Flyer offer. 2 examples of interest free offers.


15 November 2019
Hi team, I have just had a vehicle service invoice come in which is higher than expected and I am hoping to obtain a 0% purchase card to cover its costs. However I have a couple of default marks on my credit file and am concerned a knock back will further delay my efforts to rebuild my credit file. I've worked hard over the past 12-18 months to increase my Illion and Equifax scores from 100s/200s to now both in the 400s, but everywhere says this is still below average. I have not made any enquiries for credit in the past 18 months apart from one, 6 months ago which was just a utility company(electricity). All previous enquiries are over 18-24 months old and longer. My Experian file is not as thorough but reads a score of 722 consistently for over 6 months. Are you aware of any companies that take into account consistent payment information on my existing defaulted outstanding debt and see that in a positive light as to my payment habits? My other default on file is paid in full over 2 years ago with telecommunication and not a credit card or loan. Eligibility to pay is no problem as I'm an Australian citizen over 18 with a consistent full time employed income for over 2 years. Is there any 0% purchase rate cards for me for around a $3500 limit? All assistance is appreciated! Thank you.
    Roland B Bleyer - CreditCard.com.au Founder


    15 November 2019
    Hi Brian, sorry mate, with defaults on file its hard to get approval. Though you can have a shot at it as 1 credit app in. Well done on the good practice over the past few years to start rebuilding your credit.The last 2 years of bank account history and the alike will be very important. The defaults if not credit card or loan related will have less impact. If you want to have a go. Have a look at the St George Vertigo Platinum. It has a good 0% interest period. Though the minimum credit limit is $6,000. If you can do with 6 months @ 0%. I would try the NAB low rate.


12 November 2019
Hello I have never had a credit card before but I have an important purchase coming up soon, I'd like to have some information regarding credit cards. Thank you
    Roland B Bleyer - CreditCard.com.au Founder


    13 November 2019
    Hi Jen, I would suggest that you do an online EDU course to get a good understanding on card usage: https://www.creditcard.com.au/edu/. The essentials course would suit.
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