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Velocity Credit Cards are a great way to earn Velocity Points every time you spend. You can use your points for flights, upgrades and in the Velocity Store for shopping, gift cards and experiences.

3 things to know about Velocity Credit Cards:
  • Velocity cards are offered by Virgin Money directly plus other providers like American Express, NAB and ANZ
  • Each card has an earn rate (points per dollar you spend) and may have a limit to how many points you can earn
  • Velocity Points can also be used with Virgin partners including Delta, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and more.
Comparing Velocity cards often starts with the earn rate. This tells you how many points you'll earn on your spending. Some cards have one earn rate for everyday spending, and a higher earn rate for purchases made with Virgin. The key is to choose the card that rewards the spending you do most. Compare your Velocity Credit Card options below. Use the toggles to compare cards by different values to find the best card for you.
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Take off with Velocity Points

Earning Velocity Points on your credit card, your everyday spending could take you on the trip of a lifetime. Redeem your Velocity Points for flights and upgrades, hotel stays, holiday packages and more. Want to stay closer to home? Velocity Points can also be redeemed within Australia on everything from gadgets to gift cards, with some awesome options available online through the Velocity Rewards Store.

Velocity Card Essentials

Let’s start with the basics. What is a Velocity card? A Velocity card is a credit card that earns points on Virgin Australia’s Velocity rewards program. There are two ways it can do this.

Direct Earn: With this type of Velocity card, you earn Velocity Points on your spending without having to ‘opt in’. Any points you earn go directly to your Velocity account, making it a no fuss option. Examples of direct earn Velocity cards include those offered by Virgin Money, and those co-branded with Australian card providers, such as American Express, NAB or Westpac.

Opt In: With this type of card, you earn points within the card’s rewards program. You can then choose to opt in to Velocity, or transfer your points to your Velocity account manually. An example of this type of card would be those that earn on the Amplify program.

How do Velocity cards work?

A Velocity card is a rewards card, which means it rewards cardholders with points that can be redeemed within the Velocity program. After earning points on their card spending, cardholders can choose from a wide variety of redemption options, which include flights and travel with Virgin Australia and its partners, and other goods and merchandise via the Velocity Rewards Store.

Velocity Credit Cards vs Qantas Credit Cards

Virgin Australia’s main competition in the frequent flyer space is of course Qantas. There are plenty of Qantas credit cards to choose from, each of which allows you to earn Qantas Points on everyday spending.

It should be pointed out though, with travel restrictions expected to be in place for some time, it will be a while before you can earn points on flight purchases using your card, which with this type of card typically offers a higher earn rate. You would also be unable to redeem your points on travel. As flights and upgrades typically offer the best value on redemptions, this may lower the overall value of keeping a frequent flyer credit card – for now, at least.

Rewards Credit Cards

There is a lot more to rewards than just frequent flyer programs. Within Australia, there are heaps of rewards programs to choose from. Not only does each of the Big Four have its own rewards program, other providers such as American Express offer rewards programs of their own.

Check out our selection of rewards cards to find offerings from the big banks and beyond. When weighing up your options, be sure to take into consideration each card’s annual fee, its earn rate, and what kind of value it will offer on your spending.

No Annual Fee Cards

With the economic turndown causing so much financial uncertainty, you may decide that a rewards card – with its typically higher annual fee – is not for you. If you want to save on annual fees, take a look at our selection of no annual fee credit cards.

While these cards tend to be somewhat basic, they can work for cardholders looking to simplify their wallet – and can offer serious savings compared to premium cards and rewards offerings.

Low Interest Cards

To make a rewards card work for you, you need to clear your balance each month. Why? When you carry a balance, you pay interest. Given the fact that rewards cards typically have a higher interest rate, any interest you pay will quickly wipe out any value in rewards you receive.

So, if you tend to carry a balance, you may want to consider switching to a card with a low interest rate as an alternative to higher interest rewards cards. And while low rate cards tend to have fewer features, they could help you save big money.

How do you choose the best Velocity card for you?

Comparing Velocity cards is easy when you have on your side. But, what should you look for when you’re comparing options? Here are some of the most important factors that will impact your decision.

  • Your Spending Habits: For your Velocity card to be worthy, your annual card spend must equate to a higher points value than your annual fee. To calculate this, first estimate your annual spend, and then work out what that equates to in Velocity points. Taking into account what you would redeem those points for, work out the dollar value of your annual spend in points form. Now, all you need to do is compare that to the amount you will pay in annual fees.
  • Your Travel Habits: Some Velocity cards offer a higher points earn on Velocity purchases, while others offer the same earn rate across the board. If you travel frequently with Virgin and its partners, opting for a card that rewards this style of spending may allow you to earn points faster and get more value from the card.
  • Your Repayment Habits: One of the most important things to remember about rewards options such as Velocity cards is that you need to minimise outgoings to maximise the value of the points you earn. That means avoiding unnecessary fees and interest by always paying your balance each month in full and on time.

How do you earn Velocity Points?

As a member of the Velocity program, you can earn points in a number of ways.

  • In the air: You can earn Velocity Points when you purchase eligible flights with Virgin Australia and its airline partners, flying to more than 600 destinations worldwide.
  • With bonus points: If you climb the ladder to become a Silver, Gold or Platinum level member, you will earn a Velocity Points bonus when you book with selected Velocity travel partners, as well as on flights with Virgin Australia and its partner Etihad Airways.
  • On the ground: You can earn Velocity Points when you make a booking with Virgin’s global travel partners, as well as with its everyday partners, such as BP, Virgin Active, or ride sharing company Ola.

Of course, if you also have a Velocity credit card, you have the opportunity to ‘double dip’ on your spending. When you use your Velocity card to book flights with Virgin, for example, you could earn more points per $1. The same applies when using your card with Virgin partners. Not only do you earn points for shopping with these partners, you also earn points on your card spending as standard.

How do you redeem Velocity Points?

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for rewards.

  • Flights: You can redeem your points for flights to over 600 destinations worldwide.
  • Upgrades: You could opt for an upgrade when flying Virgin Australia, where you can experience the luxury of Business Class on Domestic and International Short Haul flights. You now also have the option of upgrading when you fly on an eligible Delta Air Lines flight with a VA flight number.
  • Travel: Redeem your points for travel with Virgin’s car hire and hotel partners, or book through Virgin Australia Holidays.
  • Velocity Rewards: Choose from hundreds of products and gift cards, with big names such as Dyson, Bose and Apple heading the bill.
  • You can redeem your points or use a combination of Points + Pay to purchase a wide range of fitness and sporting goods from the world’s biggest sport and fitness brands.
  • Velocity Wine Store by Laithwaite's: If you fancy a tipple, use your points to pay for your choice of premium wines, beers and spirits.

Are there different levels of Velocity membership?

Velocity membership is tiered. When you join the Velocity program, you start at the Red level. From there, you can move up to Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, according to how many Status Credits you earn each year. With each tier you ascend, you gain certain privileges. These can include a higher points earn, Virgin Lounge access, priority check-in and extra luggage allowances.

Do Velocity points expire?

No, Velocity points technically do not expire, however the Velocity website states that accounts which have no points earned or redeemed within a three year period may become inactive and be closed. Any remaining points balance would be terminated if that happened.

This is known as the ‘three year rule’ and applies from the date the Velocity account was opened.

Can I transfer Velocity points to another Velocity member?

Yes, you can transfer your Velocity points balance (up to a certain amount) to eligible family members. You can make up to four transfers per year, and should read the section entitled ‘Points Transfers’ in the Velocity terms and conditions to find out more.

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24 April 2024
Hi Pauline My husband and I spend about $4500 per month using a credit card to pay absolutely everything each month. We would like to get flight rewards preferably Virgin flights, what would be the best credit card to get with low annual fees?
    Pauline -


    2 May 2024
    Hi Chrissy, you could look at cards that earn Velocity Points per $1 you spend, or you could look at cards that earn points that can be converted to Velocity. Programs that convert to Velocity are flybuys, ANZ Altitude Rewards, Amex Membership Rewards, NAB, Westpac Altitude Rewards (same rewards program for Bank of Melbourne, St.George and BankSA), HSBC, Bank of Queensland, Citi and CommBank. You could look at our cards that earn rewards points comparisons and look for those Velocity-friendly programs to find one that suits your shopping habits and comes with other helpful extras. You'll need to look at annual fees as well, so you're not losing too much of your points value in fees. I hope that helps!


6 July 2023
Do you pay international transaction fees on Velocity credit cards
    Pauline -


    7 July 2023
    Hi Brett, this will depend as there’s different credit providers who offer access to Velocity Points earning cards. Let me know what cards you’re looking at, and we can see if there’s international fees charged.


7 May 2023
What is "eligible transaction" for credit card purchases. Can you only shop at certain outlets or is there only a few that are not eligible? Cannot seem to find a list anywhere explaining what spend counts and what does not.
    Pauline -


    8 May 2023
    Hi Brian, card issuers typically don't provide a published list of eligible transactions. Generally, it includes your everyday retail stuff like paying for your fave meal at a restaurant, vet bills for your furry mate, filling up your car with petrol, or buying groceries. However, things like cash advances, balance transfers, fees, and interest charges are usually not considered eligible. To be sure about the specific details, it's best to get in touch with your card issuer directly for clarification.
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