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At, we are the Australian credit card experts. We are committed to delivering you up to date, detailed information. To assist you to find the right credit card for your needs. Also, to educate you on how to use credit cards better through Credit Card EDU and our feature articles.

Managing such an informative and functional site is hard work. We have over 250 Australian credit cards that we regularly check rates and information on. We are featured heavily in the Australian press and we spend a lot of our time helping consumers understand more about credit cards.

This all adds up as you can imagine. To keep delivering this free to use service. We rely on our readers (like you) and support from our partners to help us meet our costs.

That being said, we make money:

  • When you click on various links on our site that leads to a financial providers website. We list many cards we do not receive commissions for. Though with some we will receive a payment, based on a certain action. Not all clicks receive renumeration. We are paid if a user completes an online application or is approved for online application with a bank or credit provider that we are affiliated with.

When we list credit cards or other financial products on our site, our partners may feature more prominently. These commercial arrangements do not affect how we write or review these products. Our reviews, comparison results and editorial content are based on objective analysis. We pride ourselves on our independence.

For more information check out our terms as well as our credit guide.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hello. Please follow the link to our contact page.

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