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St.George is one of Australia's leading retail and business banking brands. It's well-known for exceptional service and innovative, award-winning products. As a subsidiary of Westpac, St.George has plenty to offer in the way of financial products and services, including loans, transaction accounts and credit cards. As you would expect from one of Australia’s most popular banks, its credit card range is diverse enough to appeal to every need, from basic to feature-packed.

As a financial institution, St.George has a history that spans more than three quarters of a century. With roots firmly set in New South Wales, the bank was founded in the southern Sydney suburbs in 1937. Over the following decades, St.George expanded in size and reputation to become Australia's foremost building society, before achieving full banking status in July 1992. Then, in 2008, St.George merged with Westpac to become what would be one of the banking group’s three central subsidiaries, alongside BankSA and Bank of Melbourne.

Where BankSA concentrates its business on South Australia, and Bank of Melbourne focuses on Victoria, St.George is for the most part a New South Wales bank.However, it goes without saying that to apply for a card from the St.George range you don’t actually need to live in New South Wales – you simply need to meet the eligibility criteria. Check out this criteria, alongside the wide range of features available on this page, where you can find everything from money-saving low rate and low fee cards, to rewards and premium options that offer more back in extras.

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St.George Vertigo Credit Card – Cashback Offer

1 review
$0 saved over 12 months

St.George Vertigo Credit Card

22 reviews
$0 saved over 28 months

St.George No Annual Fee Credit Card

7 reviews
$0 saved over months

St.George Vertigo Rainbow Credit Card

4 reviews
$0 saved over 28 months

St.George BusinessVantage Credit Card

1 review
$0 saved over months

Discontinued: St.George Vertigo Platinum Credit Card

35 reviews
$0 saved over 12 months

Discontinued: St.George Vertigo Credit Card – Purchase Offer

0 reviews
$0 saved over 0 months

4 reviews
points earned over 12 months

4 reviews
points earned over 12 months

4 reviews
points earned over 12 months

2 reviews
points earned over 12 months

2 reviews
points earned over 12 months

1 review
points earned over 12 months

5 reviews
points earned over 12 months

The St George Banking Group

Since its acquisition by Westpac, the St.George offering has expanded throughout Australia’s economic boom states, Queensland and Western Australia. The acquisition of the Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne brands have also assisted St.George’s growth and expansion.

About St.George Bank

In terms of credit cards, the St.George Vertigo balance transfer credit card is proving to be very popular, and St. George continues to service a large customer base for traditional non-credit card banking products. The bank’s core offering is one low-rate, mid tier and top-tier card, as well as the Vertigo balance transfer card. These are all explained in slightly more detail in the credit cards tab.


In 1848 the State Bank of South Australia and the Savings Bank of South Australia were both opened for business in South Australia. The two would later merge, but before that the St.George Cooperative Building Society was formed in Sydney in 1937. The Cronulla & District Cooperative Building Society was formed a month later. The two expanded quickly and 38 branches were established by 1955. That year they became one permanent building society.

The first Sydney branch was opened in 1961, followed by the first Sydney City CBD branch in 1963.

St.George established itself as a technologically forward bank in 1972 when it established the first passbook banking system to enable withdrawals from other bank branches. By the time of its acquisition by Westpac in 2008, St. George was the fifth largest bank in Australia. It also operates in the Northern Territory and South Australia under its brand BankSA.

St.George Credit Cards

With award-winning products and a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, St.George uses its many years of experience within the financial industry to provide an excellent selection of credit cards.

For money-saving and great introductory offers, the St.George Vertigo card gives you a low annual fee and low ongoing interest rates. Another money-saver, the St.George No Annual Fee card is the ideal choice if you usually pay the full balance of your card each month and want to keep saving.

If you want to be rewarded for your spending, check out the St.George Amplify Visa to earn points for either the Amplify Rewards or Amplify Qantas programs.

Can Amplify points be used on Qantas flights?

Yes. Amplify Travel rewards points can be redeemed for travel with most domestic and international airlines, but seats may not always be available with the airline of your choice. If you want to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points, you can switch your Amplify rewards card for an Amplify Qantas rewards card. This means purchases you make will earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points directly.

Amplify points can also be redeemed for air miles with Singapore Airline’s KrisFlyer or Malaysia Airlines.

Can I transfer a balance to my existing St.George credit card?

Yes, this is allowed, however the rate you get won’t be the same as the promotional rate. It is more likely to be closer to the standard purchase rate. Speak to St.George directly to discuss this.

Can I set up automatic repayments to my St.George credit card?

You can set up an automatic payment for the full monthly payment, the minimum monthly payment or a fixed payment amount before your statement due date each month.

Can I make additional repayments on my St.George credit card?

Yes, you are allowed to make additional repayments at any time during the month; however payments made before the statement issue date will not count as payment towards your next statement. You would need to wait until the statement has been issued if you don’t want to make another payment by the due date. If no payment is received by the due date additional fees may be charged.

Does St.George have a mobile banking app?

Yes. It can be downloaded from the iTunes store or Google Play.

Does the St.George mobile app allow me to pay to someone else’s mobile number?

Yes, the St.George mobile banking app lets you pay to a friend or family member’s mobile number. You can also manage your different St.George accounts and update details, pay BPay bills or make international transfers, view pending transactions and interest earned and charged using the app.

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22 May 2023
My visa credit card was cancelled when I disputed an entry on my online banking ast Thursday. How do I get a replacement card and how long does it take?
    Pauline -


    23 May 2023
    Hi Marcelina, I’m sorry to hear that. Since you mentioned that your credit card has been cancelled, I reckon reaching out to St.George directly at 13 33 30 would be best for your request.


23 September 2020
which credit facilities does st george underwrite? ie Lombard, GEMoney etc
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    24 September 2020
    Hi Susan, Part of the St George group is Bank of Melbourne and BankSA. Westpac also is but they issue their own credit cards.
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