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What is a Conditionally Approved credit card application?
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What is a Conditionally Approved credit card application?

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A conditionally approved credit card application is an application that is yet to be fully approved by the card provider. If you applied for a credit card – perhaps one that promised ‘instant approval’ or ‘60 second approval’ – and received a ‘conditional approval’, it just means that the card provider has to collect some more information about you before fully approving your application.

What does ‘conditional approval’ actually mean?

When you apply for a credit card online, you may be promised instant or almost instant approval. After you click ‘Apply’, the card provider’s computers quickly check your credit status and the basic information you have provided. If your credit history looks good and all your info matches up, you will usually be told that your application has been conditionally approved.

For obvious reasons, the card company then needs to do further checks to decide whether they want to provide you with credit. They will usually check your background info more fully, including your employment status and your salary, your current debts, and your credit worthiness. If you already have financial products with the credit card provider – such as a mortgage or a bank account – this process will usually be much faster.

What do you have to do next?

The card provider may do its own checks without requiring any input from you, or they may ask you to provide further documentation. When you receive notice of your conditional approval, the card provider will make clear what is expected of you, and will usually give you a time frame.

If you are unsure about the time frame, the process, or what is expected of you, contact the card provider and request more information.

Once the card provider has made a decision, they will contact you to advise you if your application has been approved or declined. If your application has been approved, you may just receive the credit card in the post, along with activation instructions.

If you don’t hear anything from the card provider, it’s a good idea to contact them to find out what’s going on. If they have sent you a card and it has gotten lost in the post, the card will need to be cancelled and resent.

How do find an instant approval credit card?

There are a number of credit cards available online that offer instant approval or 60 second approval. Here are just a few of them (check out the rest of our site to find even more instant approval credit cards).

Low Interest Rate Card Options

Low Annual Fee Card Options

Rewards Card Options

Platinum Card Options

First Card Options

When applying for a credit card online, check the card provider’s website for statements similar to this:

“Conditional approval is subject to system availability and verification of documents that support your application.” Or “All applications are subject to —‘s credit assessment criteria.” Or “If your application is approved, it is then subject to verification. If the verification criteria is satisfied, you will receive your credit card within 5 business days.”

How to turn ‘Conditionally Approved’ into ‘Approved

Following the simple steps below should help you avoid unnecessary delays or rejections once your card has been ‘conditionally approved’.

Get the details right and keep your credit rating intact

The idea of being approved so fast can be tempting, but it’s still important not to act impulsively when applying for a credit card. If you haven’t done a credit check recently, at least within the last few months, Veda offer them for free within 10 days or sooner if you’re willing to pay.

When you know what’s on your credit file there is less of a chance that you will leave important existing debt information out, which could result in a declined application going on your credit file.

Knowing that your credit file is accurate and reflects your real debts and obligations also helps you feel confident the bank won’t discover any nasty surprises.

Fill out the application accurately and complete every section

If you have a $25,000 loan sitting on your credit file and don’t mention it on the application, don’t think that the bank won’t find out.

Have all your details to hand when you sit down to do it

If you’re searching for your bank statements and drivers’ licence you will not be concentrating on your application, so it’s best to read through the checklist next to the card you want to apply for, and the terms and conditions, and then get the necessary documents and info together. This way you won’t miss any vital information and the process will really only take 10-15 minutes max.

Check that what you are asking for meets all available criteria

For example, if you want to transfer a balance of $5000 and ask for a credit limit of exactly $5000, you might be declined (or spend extra time dealing with the bank on the phone at the very least) because you are generally allowed to transfer between 70% and 95% of the total credit limit you are approved for. In this case, you would either need to request a slightly higher credit limit, say around $5500, or put down that you only wish to transfer $4750 or less onto the new card. This is one simple error which results in an application being delayed or declined that is easily avoided.

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Pauline is a personal finance expert at, with 8 years in money, budgeting and property reporting under her belt. Pauline is passionate about seeing Aussies win by making their money – and their credit cards – work smarter, harder and bigger.

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2 comments (showing the latest 10 Q&As)

David Truong

David Truong

19 August 2021
Hey, so I was conditionally approved for a limit if 12k on my CommBank Platinum Awards credit card. But when the application was approved, Commbank approved it for only 11.2k. Is this normal and how do I go about getting a review on this?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    20 August 2021
    Hi David, banks will base the approved credit limit on several factors. These can include. your credit score, annual income, other debts and payments among other factors. Banks aren’t generally forthcoming with their information either, which can leave us all guessing. You can reach out to CommBank directly to discuss your file and limit. If you do get a straight answer, let us know. We’d love to hear your story!

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