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ANZ First Credit Card
ANZ First Credit Card

ANZ Credit Cards

ANZ First Credit Card

Updated 5 August 2020

This offer with the ANZ First Visa card has a great 0% p.a. for 18 months on balance transfers (2% balance transfer fee applies), reverts to 20.24% p.a. With a low annual fee of $30, the ANZ First card is intended by ANZ to be their customer's first card. It has a few significant features, designed for sensible use. With Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay™, you can use your compatible device to tap and pay using your ANZ First card.

Purchase Rate (p.a)


Balance Transfer (p.a)

0% for 18 months 2% balance transfer fee applies.
Reverts to 20.24% p.a.

Annual Fee (p.a)


$0 over 18 months

My transfer amount

Balance transfer from:

My annual fee

My interest rate

Pros and cons

  • Up to 3 free additional cardholders
  • Visa PayWave
  • Low $30 annual fee
  • 0% p.a. for 18 months on balance transfers
  • ANZ's Fraud Money Back guarantee covering any fraudulent losses
  • Selection of extras, including Purchase Protection Insurance and Extended Warranty Insurance
  • Eligible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay.

  • A one-off 2% fee applies to balance transfers
  • High purchase and cash advance rate review

Editor Review

ANZ First Credit Card

Roland Bleyer
Credit Card Expert with over 15 years card experience and the founder of about this card.

The ANZ First Credit Card

With its 0% balance transfer offer and low ongoing annual fee, the ANZ First Credit Card could be the perfect option if you’re looking for a way to save money while paying down existing credit card debt. Giving you a whopping 18 months at 0% on balance transfers, this card completes its offering with a handy selection of extras, including Purchase Protection Insurance and Extended Warranty Insurance.

What we love...

Giving you plenty of breathing space while you work on clearing existing credit card debt, the ANZ First Credit Card is a great little money-saver. With its awesome balance transfer offer, this card allows you to transfer the balance from your current credit card, so that it accrues 0% p.a. interest for 18 months (2% fee applies). With a year and a half of zero interest, you could really put a dent in that debt.

As for ongoing costs, the ANZ First Credit Card happens to have ANZ’s lowest annual fee. Again, by paying less on fees, you can really concentrate on clearing your transferred balance. On the other hand, if you don’t need to transfer a balance, this card simply works as a low fee card, not costing too much to keep in your wallet.

If you choose to add family members to the account, you can add up to three additional cardholders at no extra cost. While additional cardholders can be of benefit on rewards cards (helping you to earn more rewards in a shorter period of time), on cards like the ANZ First Credit Card, adding more cardholders to the account is really just a convenience.

Looking for more ways to save money? With up to 55 days interest free on purchases, you could save on interest when making purchases large or small. To take advantage of this feature though, be aware you need to pay your balance in full by the due date each month. Check out the terms and conditions to find out more.

What’s not so great...

While the ANZ First Credit Card may be a low fee credit card, it’s certainly not a low interest credit card. The purchase rate and cash advance rate on this card are relatively high, so it’s best to clear your balance month-to-month, to avoid interest accruing.

If you use the card’s balance transfer offer, know that there is a 2% balance transfer fee, and any balance left unpaid at the end of the intro period reverts to the card’s standard balance transfer rate (which is currently the same as the cash advance rate).

Why should you choose this card?

Despite its name, the ANZ First Credit Card is not just for first-time credit card applicants. While it may work well for first-timers, given its basic features and low annual fee, this card can work for anyone who wants a low fee card with an excellent balance transfer offer. And happily, the card also offers a few nice features to sweeten the deal.

With Visa Entertainment membership, you can enjoy access to special offers, ticket pre-sales and movie screenings. As a cardholder, you can also benefit from complimentary Purchase Protection Insurance and Extended Warranty Insurance on your purchases, plus all the basics, such as contactless payments, ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee and fraud monitoring from ANZ Falcon.

Overall Rating

The perfect money-saver for anyone looking for a low fee credit card, the ANZ First Credit Card offers a superb 0% balance transfer offer, complimentary insurances and all the basic features you expect from a credit card.

User reviews

ANZ First Credit Card ( based on 6 user reviews )

81% rating based on 6 reviews

Customer Service

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Purchase rate 20.24% p.a.

Cash advance rate 20.24% p.a.

Interest free period on purchases up to 55 days

Balance transfer

Balance transfer rate 0% p.a. for 18 months

Balance transfer revert rate 20.24% p.a.

Balance transfer from personal loan N/A

Balance transfer fee 2% one off

Balance transfer limit 95% of approved credit limit

Banks you can't balance transfer from ANZ

Credit limits

Minimum credit limt $1,000

Maximum credit limit N/A

Fees & repayments

Annual fee $30 p.a.

Additional card holder fee Up to 3 at no extra cost

Foreign transaction fee 3%

Minimum repayment

Cash advance fee 2% Consumer Cards or Business Cards Cash Advance Fee: $1.50 and 1.50% - whichever is greater5

Late payment fee $20

Additional features

Complimentary insurance

International Travel Insurance No

Flight Inconvenience Insurance No

Transit Accident Insurance No

Smartphone Screen Insurance No

Purchase Protection Insurance Yes

Extended Warranty Insurance Yes

Rental Vehicle Excess In Australia Insurance No


Eligible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay.


ANZ First Credit Card

Key features

  • 0% p.a. for 18 months on balance transfers (2% balance transfer fee applies). Reverts to standard balance transfer rate, currently 20.24% p.a.
  • ANZ's Fraud Money Back guarantee covering any fraudulent losses
  • Eligible with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay.
  • Worldwide emergency card replacement
  • Exclusive discounts and benefits provided by Visa Entertainment
  • Verified by Visa - free additional online security for transactions
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
  • Up to 3 free additional cardholders

Minimum criteria to apply for this card

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good Credit and have not applied for multiple credit cards recently

  • Permanent Australian resident or non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa

  • You have your personal details ready to complete the online application

Roland B Bleyer

Roland B Bleyer founded in 2005 and has extensive knowledge about credit cards. He personally answers all questions and write the editor reviews for each card here. Always keen to share his passion to educate consumers and help you select better suited credit cards.

Recently Asked Questions

Something you need to know about this card? Ask a our credit card expert a question.

67 questions (showing the latest 10 Q&As)



1 October 2020
I have a low credit score due to a credit card not being paid on time (I had a balance under $100 I wasn't aware of). I only have 1 credit application on my file (same bank 4 years ago). Would this ANZ first card be an option to rebuild my score?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    6 October 2020
    Hi Pamela, yes this could be an option as is a starter credit card. I assume that you have paid any of the issues with the previous credit card?


14 September 2020
Can we apply for credit card without providing the employer details
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    15 September 2020
    Hi Jenisha, you will need to supply pay slips to verify your income. Alternatively if you run your own business, your accountants details. I am not sure how you can apply if you don't provide any details of employment.
Lievin Ndimanyi

Lievin Ndimanyi

14 September 2020
I have a credit score of 382, I would like to improve this, what should I do?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    14 September 2020
    Hi Lievin, do you have any negative activity on your credit file? Or is the low score based on a lack of activity? If its simply a lack of activity and not you being late on bills or defaulting. Then its really about using credit more and paying all bills etc on time. In that sense, then this ANZ First would be a good option to build your credit through positive credit activity. Even if you just go for a $500 limit. Other ways include online services like They monitor your score and provide you tips on how to use.


31 July 2020
Hey can I get help applying for a credit card
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    31 July 2020
    Hi Jarrod, what help do you need? To apply for an ANZ First credit card, you need to Be 18 years of age or over, and Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa Have a good credit rating. Details to have handy Australian driver’s licence number (if you have one) Details of your income, assets and liabilities Two recent pay slips for income verification If you’re self-employed, you’ll need your accountant’s phone number Details of your living expenses, such as regular bills ANZ Account number or Customer Registration Number (if you have one) Your email address


12 June 2020
I m new for an employee just starting 5 months ago. First apply was Joints with my partner but was declined. My partner have good credit history and mortgage/ full-time. In that time my credit score was high. My Experience 825, Equifax 724, Ilion 689. Since 2919 mid Dec applied with Citi bank credit card with min$6000 credit limit no annual fee min income required $35k and I am currently banking with them for couple of years. I was applied and get conditionally approved then later on turn to they regret and unable to establish and I m not happy with that with my score down. Waiting 6 months later apply again and the same reasons but this time my scores are down btw -122, -99, And -55 Points why too much down? Waist my scores with nothing. As, I have pay slips from work earn 36k to apply citi card min$6000 limit all the above but I m just new this employee, no debt or default or court. Nothing .... Investment/saving $40k with Citi but can’t get approve one. Also, I am holding supplementary cards on my partner name with them. Which we pay on-time and in full each statement. Only mortgage on his name but should not be problem because to apply on my own credit to build history. Utilities/phones on my name and pay on-time. What should I do? They said you can apply again in 3 months. Or should I move to new bank? I told my Citi bank please approve I just need to have a card and build my credit history. I have $40K in their account and pay slips what are they afraid for???? Recommend please. Thanks
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    12 June 2020
    Hi JS, I would move away from trying Citi. Citi have tightened the screws on credit approval. Overall many banks have. No annual fee cards can be one of the harder to get approved for. Therefore I would steer clear of those for now. Not sure how much you are looking to spend or what features you are wanting. Though I assume you would pay the balance off in full each month. Based on the high interest with the Citi no annual fee card. Low rate credit cards tend to be the one for approval. Have a look at the Westpac Low Rate. Not the best in market but should be ok on approvals. You can build up on this with good usage. Then look to upgrade to another card a year or so down the track.


30 May 2020
How you doing mate, just a quick general question.... I’m Currently on a Part 9 Debt Agreement, is there any Credit Card that you could recommend I apply for, or is it not possible until after the Agreement has runs its course?? I’m currently working Fulltime, Been in the job for just over 5 years & earning $90k-$100k+ p.a. Any information/advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Alfred
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    1 June 2020
    Hi Alfred, under Part 9, I think it would be hard to get approved for a card. Though if you have not applied for credit for sometime. Then you could put an application in for this card and see how you go. This is one of the easiest cards for approval so would be your best bet. If you get declined. Then do not apply for any other credit for at least 6 months. I would suggest then to let the agreement run its course.


29 May 2020
Will international students qualify for this card? Is there any credit check or police check required.
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    1 June 2020
    Hi Oliver, not this card though have a look at the ANZ First for Students.
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    1 June 2020
    Yes there is a credit check required - though no police check that I am aware. I recommend that you have been working for 6 months in Australia before applying.

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