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St.George Amplify Credit Card
St.George Amplify Credit Card

St.George Credit Cards

St.George Amplify Credit Card

Updated 19 November 2019

Apply by 12 February 2020

Points Earn Rate (per $1 spent)




Rewards Program

Amplify Rewards

Bonus Points


0 points over 12 months spend

My monthly card spend

Pros and cons

  • With the Amplify Rewards program, earn 1 point per $1 spent on eligible purchases
  • With the Amplify Qantas program, earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases
  • Complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership - save $99.50
  • No points capping

  • High purchase and cash advance rate review

Editor Review

St.George Amplify Credit Card

Roland Bleyer
Credit Card Expert with over 15 years card experience and the founder of about this card.

The St.George Amplify Credit Card

Rewards cards don’t have to be flashy and expensive. Sure, there are some rewards cards that offer heaps of extras like concierge services and VIP airport lounge access, but there are other cards that simply stick to what they’re good at: rewards.

One such card is the St.George Amplify Credit Card. As a low cost option, this card disregards fancy features for solid rewards earning, letting you earn points on your everyday spending, to put towards either the Amplify Rewards program or the Qantas Rewards program.

As if that wasn’t enough, the card also offers a handful of convenient features that we think you will find suitably useful.

What we love...

The annual fee is pretty darn reasonable, when you take into account the points earning potential on this rewards card.

So, what kind of points can you expect to earn? If you opt for the Amplify program, you could earn 1 point per $1 spent on eligible purchases, with no points capping.

Points earned can be redeemed within the Amplify program for retail vouchers and gift cards, tech and homewares, or alternatively, could be used within frequent flyer programs such as Virgin Australia’s Velocity, Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich and Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer.

Or, if you choose to earn points on the Qantas program, you could earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases, again with no points capping.

The points earned within this program could be used on flights or upgrades on Qantas or with one of its 35 partner airlines, or they could be redeemed within the Qantas Store for more than 3,000 products, experiences and vouchers.

What’s not so great...

The interest rate applied to both cash advances and purchases is relatively high, so it’s a good idea to avoid them completely. This can be achieved by paying off your balance within the intro period, clearing your balance each month, and avoiding the cash advance feature.

Why should you choose this card?

To be fair, the most appealing aspects of the St.George Amplify Credit Card are its rewards program. But, as we mentioned, there are some other features on offer that you may find convenient.

As a cardholder, you could benefit from up to 55 days interest free on purchases, 24/7 fraud monitoring, the convenience of Visa PayWave, and one free additional cardholder to help you rack up more rewards points.

Overall Rating

A basic rewards card that is offering a reasonable $79 annual fee.

User reviews

St.George Amplify Credit Card ( based on 5 user reviews )

73% rating based on 5 reviews

Customer Service


6 January 2018

So far I’m happy with the card and the Amplify program. Redeemed a few things in the last months that have been quite useful.

Recommends this card

Mike Smith

28 January 2013

I chose the Amplify Qantas with this card. I use the card fairly frequently so it means I’m building up a fair amount of points. The rewards are good and the annual fee for the card is manageable. If I was being picky, I would probably say the interest is a bit high, but it’s okay as long as you pay off your total bill at the end of the month.

Recommends this card

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Purchase rate 19.74% p.a.

Cash advance rate 21.49% p.a.

Interest free period on purchases up to 55 days

Credit limits

Minimum credit limt $500

Maximum credit limit $80,000

Fees & repayments

Annual fee $79 p.a.

Additional card holder fee $0 p.a.

Foreign transaction fee 3%

Minimum repayment 2%

Cash advance fee 2%

Late payment fee $15

Rewards and points

Rewards program

Rewards Program Amplify Rewards Amplify Rewards

Bonus points N/A

Annual points cap uncapped

Bonus points spend criteria N/A

Earning points with this card

Amplify Rewards points 1 point per $1 spent

Points cap per month N/A

Overseas earn rate same as standard earn rate

Additional features

Complimentary insurance

International Travel Insurance No

Flight Inconvenience Insurance No

Transit Accident Insurance No

Smartphone Screen Insurance No

Purchase Protection Insurance No

Extended Warranty Insurance No

Rental Vehicle Excess In Australia Insurance No


St.George Amplify Credit Card

With the St.George Amplify Visa card, you can choose between two great rewards programs. The annual fee is $79 and depending on the type of rewards you want to receive, you can either choose the Amplify Rewards program or the Amplify Qantas.

With Amplify Rewards, you will earn 1 point for each dollar you spend, and you can earn bonus points when shopping with Amplify Rewards Bonus Partners. Amplify Rewards can be redeemed for entertainment, travel, merchandise, and shopping vouchers. Points can also be earned for a number of airlines, including Virgin Blue, Malaysian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.

With Amplify Qantas, you will earn 1 point for each $2 you spend, and bonus points can be earned when shopping with Qantas partners. Qantas Points can be redeemed on over 3,000 products, experiences and vouchers, as well as on flights with Qantas and its partner airlines.

Other benefits of choosing this card include one additional cardholder at no extra cost, and up to 55 days interest free on purchases.

Disclaimer: The interest free period is the maximum number of days during which interest is not charged on new purchases. If your account has an interest free period for purchases, to be entitled to that interest free period, you need to pay off the “monthly payment balance” listed on your statement of account (not the full closing balance) by the relevant payment due date.

Key features

  • $79 annual card fee
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
  • Choose to earn Amplify Qantas Points or Amplify Rewards linking to Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines or Malaysia Airlines
  • With the Amplify Rewards program, you earn 1 point per $1 spent on eligible purchases, with no points capping
  • With the Amplify Qantas program, you earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases, again with no points capping
  • If you don't have membership to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program the enrolment fee of $99.50 is free

Minimum criteria to apply for this card

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good Credit and have not applied for multiple credit cards recently

  • Resident or citizen of Australia. Temporary residents are eligible.

  • Minimum income of $25,000 p.a.

  • You have your personal details ready to complete the online application

Roland B Bleyer

Roland B Bleyer founded in 2005 and has extensive knowledge about credit cards. He personally answers all questions and write the editor reviews for each card here. Always keen to share his passion to educate consumers and help you select better suited credit cards.

Recently Asked Questions

Something you need to know about this card? Ask a our credit card expert a question.

15 questions (showing the latest 10 Q&As)



6 September 2019
I am confused, is the interest free on the St.George Amplify Credit Card 14 months of 55 days?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    9 September 2019
    Hi Tamara, the special offer gives you the first 14 months at 0% on purchases. Post this intro period, then you can receive up to 55 days interest free. If you pay your balance off in full in the previous billing cycle.


18 November 2018
If I got this credit card, and paid out another credit card and personal loan does that mean I will only be paying 2% interest
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    19 November 2018
    Hi Sasha, I am not sure what you are asking. When you say you paid out another credit card and loan. It wasn't with this card was it? Let me know more detail and I will get back to you.
karen smith smith

karen smith smith

29 June 2018
I am looking at balance transfer only what is the procedure please and hidden cost
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    2 July 2018
    Hi Karen. A balance transfer must be between different banks and typically done at the time of application. When you full in your online credit card application. One of the sections will be balance transfer. In there you put details of the card(s) you wish transfer including the amount. A balance transfer fee may be payable on any amount you successfully transfer. Lets look at the Vertigo Platinum online offer. If you transfer $10,000 - then the total transfer amount becomes $10,100 inc the 1% balance transfer fee. You will still have the full 24 months to pay off with no interest. There are no hidden costs. Though the revert rate of any outstanding balance at the end of the period is typically the cash rate (+20%). Therefore you need to pay off the balance transfer in full during the intro period to avoid paying interest. Subject to credit approval, you can balance transfer the debt again.


28 May 2018
Will this card come with complimentary travel insurance & what are considered "Eligable purchases" with regard to the rewards purchases that need to be made?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    29 May 2018
    Hi Sarcha, you will need to have the Amplify Platinum to get overseas travel insurance. Points are not earned on cash advances and balance transfers or in other specified circumstances inc bank fees. Though most other transactions are eligible purchases.


8 May 2018
Hi Roland, How do you remove cards you have accidentally put on your shortlist with this website ?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    9 May 2018
    Hi Liz, on mobile you click off the Save Card toggle or click the remove button when viewing saved cards. On desktop you would need to view your saved card list then click the star to remove. I have seen that the desktop version has a small bug which we will fix later today. Reach out if you have any further specific questions about a credit card you are interested in so I can assist.


3 May 2018
I'm a bit confused about the 3% balance transfer. I'm wanting to transfer a 9000 credit card debt to a card with no fees so I can pay it off within 18 months interest free. would you suggest this card?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    3 May 2018
    Hi Kat, this offer charges 3% p.a. interest on any successful balance transfer for up to 3 years or whenever it is paid off. If you are looking for an offer with no balance transfer fee and 0% for 18 months, check out the Virgin Flyer balance transfer offer. A balance transfer needs to be between different banks. Virgin is issued through Citi. You can transfer up to 3 non-Citi issued credit cards or personal loans to the Virgin flyer offer.
Kathryn sealey

Kathryn sealey

22 April 2018
Can you transfer the balance of more than one credit card
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    23 April 2018
    Hi Kathryn, up to 3 non-St George group issued credit cards.


19 April 2018
Is this credit card only for Australia citizen's?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    19 April 2018
    Hi Daniel, you need to be an Australian permanent resident to apply. You do not need to be a citizen.


31 March 2018
i was looking for the best balance transfer deal and wandered if you could guide me please, i am with westpac and i would like to transfer $11.500 as i am paying 20,74 % at the moment
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    3 April 2018
    Hi Ross, at that interest rate, a balance transfer sounds like the right way to go. I would suggest the Citi Rewards Platinum balance transfer offer. It has 0% for 26 months so you can focus on paying the debt down whilst not paying interest on any amount you successfully balance transfer. It has a 2.5% one off fee but this get added to the balance transfer amount. Therefore if you successfully transfer the whole amount. The total balance transfer becomes $11,787.50. You still have the 26 months to pay it off.
Ashley Patterson

Ashley Patterson

16 January 2018
Can i balance transfer from city bank line of credit 30000 i have full time job earning 130000 permant position 14 years same company
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    17 January 2018
    Hi Ashley, you cannot transfer a Citi line of credit to any balance transfer offer. Citi are the only credit card issuer where you can transfer loan debt but they only accept non-Citi debt. Your best option is to get a low rate personal loan (non-Citi) to pay out the line of credit. Then subject to credit approval, you can look to then transfer this line of credit to a Citi balance transfer offer.
Shannon Leggett

Shannon Leggett

16 January 2017
I have 2 credit cards and a loan and was wondering if all/what out of them could be transferred onto this card. Thanks for your help!
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    17 January 2017
    Hi Shannon, only Citi balance transfer offers the ability to transfer a non-Citi loan and cards. Check out the improved Citi Rewards Platinum offer with 0% for 24 months.


11 August 2016
Hi Is there a balance transfer fee on this card? thanks
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    12 August 2016
    Hi Amy, again no BT fee on this card. Best of luck with your application on whichever card you choose.


29 June 2016
it's not clear whether there is a balance transfer fee. could you please confirm what it is for this card?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    30 June 2016
    Hi Jess, there is no balance transfer fee on this product. If there is a balance transfer fee we will clearly state this on the product page. Best of luck with your application, this is a great offer.


28 March 2016
When i claim e voucher, how many business day to receive?
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    29 March 2016
    Hi Bo - I am not sure how long it would take. As it's an e voucher you think it would be very quick. Give customer service a call on 1300 489 586
vivian sampaga

vivian sampaga

31 March 2015
how will I know if I earned bunos points
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    31 March 2015
    Hi Vivian, The 10,000 bonus Amplify or Qantas Points with a new Amplify card after you make your first eligible purchase by 31 July 2015. Offer ends 23 June 2015. This type of purchase is anything from petrol to groceries. As long as it is by 31st July you qualify. I assume the points themselves would be credited then in Aug or Sept after the purchase by date.

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