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How to get your pay on demand in Australia
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How to get your pay on demand in Australia

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Pay on demand apps are a new type of financial service that lets you access your wage before you’re due to get it from your employer. These apps are designed to help you budget by getting your own money to you when you need it. Find out exactly how they work, what apps are available and what to know before you sign up.

How pay on demand apps work

Pay on demand apps let you access a portion of your pay before you’re due to receive it from your employer. To get access to your pay you are charged a fee, usually around 5% of the amount you’re accessing. The amount is then repaid out of your next pay or across a few pay cycles.

What types of pay on demand apps are there?

Pay on demand apps generally fall into three categories:

  1. Pay on demand apps: These are dedicated apps you download to access a portion of your pay early, for example Beforepay and MyPayNow.
  2. Banks. That’s right, banks have gotten into the pay on demand game! If you bank with CommBank, you can access your pay on demand through its AdvancePay feature.
  3. Your employer. Some employers are offering pay on demand as a company perk. Your employer essentially partners with a pay on demand platform and lets you access your pay through its software.

What pay on demand apps are available in Australia?

You have a bunch of options to consider:


No Interest or Hidden Fees

With Beforepay you can access up to $1,000 of your pay for a 5% fee. To decide your limit, Beforepay will securely connect with your bank to see your salary details.

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  • CommBank Adavance Pay. If you receive your salary into a CommBank transaction account you can access your pay early. You’re able to request $300 and $5,000 and will be charged a one-off fee, starting at $5.
  • MyPayNow. You can advance up to a quarter of your wage with MyPayNow for a 5% fee. The amount you advance will be repaid the next time you get paid.
  • Earnd. This is a platform your employer can partner with that allows you to access your pay early. Earnd lets you access a certain portion of your pay as needed and the fees are covered by your employer.

How much do pay on demand apps charge?

The costs will differ between apps, but you will generally be charged a percentage of what you borrow. This is usually around 5%. These apps may also charge a late fee if you don’t meet your repayments. For example, CommBank AdancePay charges 14.90% for late payments.

Are pay on demand apps safe?

Pay on demand apps in Australia have a number of security and privacy safeguards in place to keep everything secure, which includes encryption of your data.

These apps operate in a similar space to buy now pay later apps like Afterpay, meaning they don’t need to hold the same licences as banks. However, they are required to have security measures in place to keep your data safe. All pay on demand apps use secure methods to link up to your bank account.

Do pay on demand apps affect my credit score?

Beforepay and MyPayNow will not affect your credit score. CommBank reserves the right to report AdvanceNow repayments to credit bureaus, which may affect your credit score.

Will my employer know if I get my pay on demand?

No, your employer will not be contacted. If your employer offers a pay on demand service, they are usually not told who is uses it.

Am I eligible for pay on demand?

Eligibility criteria differ between apps. Generally, you will be eligible if you:

  • Receive a regular salary into your bank account
  • Have regular, ongoing employment
  • Earn the minimum set by the app (usually around $300)
  • Pass the app’s credit assessment, which usually involves checking your income and spending through your bank account

Benefits and drawbacks of pay on demand apps


  • Easy access to money you’ve earnt
  • There might not be a credit check
  • Can be cheaper than alternative finance options
  • Managed from your smartphone


  • Fees can add up if you miss payments
  • No credit checks means you’re not building your credit score
  • Unregulated market for now

Verdict: Should you use pay on demand apps?

Most of us know the feeling of waiting to be paid. It can make handling big, unexpected expenses tricky and often lead people to expensive forms of credit, like payday loans. Pay on demand apps are a great alternative to consider if you really do need your pay early.

Just consider whether the fee is affordable and if the repayments will cause any issues for you. Much like other alternative forms of credit, you also should not consider this as an ongoing form of credit.

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