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Additional Cardholders and Rewards

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One of the easiest ways to make the most of credit card reward programs is to add additional cardholders. You can quickly boost your points pot by having more than one card in action.

This option now comes with most credit cards and eligibility tends to be based on the primary cardholder. Some people may even be able to use supplementary cards when they are 16 years of age, though the majority will require the additional cardholder to be 18 years or older.With two people being able to earn rewards from using the credit card the potential points can easily double meaning you can get as many benefits as possible from the card.

Remember, the primary cardholder is still responsible for the credit card account and any charges made to it. That means paying of the balance for every statement period should still be a priority of you want to be eligible for different rewards.

The other drawback to a supplementary card is that may of these options will lead to an additional annual fee.

For example, ANZ’s Rewards Platinum credit card comes with a $95 annual fee for the primary cardholder, plus a $65 fee for supplementary cardholders enrolled in the rewards program. That means you would be paying $160 per year in card fees, so looking at the specifics of the rewards program is a good idea before signing up for this kind of option.

Some credit card providers, like HSBC, may approve an additional cardholder at no extra cost. This could be particularly good for people looking at frequent flyer options who may want to take advantage of the HSBC Platinum Qantas credit card.

Additional cardholder terms and conditions can vary depending on the cardholder’s details and the provider’s discretion, so it is always good to check before submitting an application.

Managing additional cardholders and credit card rewards

For people who want to try and earn double the points by joining someone else up to their credit card account, it is always good to consider how another person could affect account management.

Very few rewards cards come with a low interest rate option, so it is a good idea to discuss when the statement period ends and keep track of interest free days.

A few other things that will help keep the credit card in order include:

  • Agreeing to transfer money when either person makes a purchase on the card
  • Reviewing the account details together at the end of each statement period
  • Discussing rewards and how they will be shared
  • Letting the other person know when there may be a delay in repayments

If you’re sharing the card with your spouse, these conversations might not be necessary.

With a few good habits in place, both you and the secondary cardholder can enjoy the benefits of credit and rewards so that you really are getting the most from your account.

Pros and cons of adding another card holder

There are some main reasons why people choose to add another card holder to their account. For personal credit cards, it may simply make sense to have a credit card in the name of both spouses. Great if you both need a card in your possession for emergencies. For children who are away at school, a credit card might be issued in their name so that they have a card with them just in case. Sometimes business owners also issue credit cards in the names of some of their key employees so that they can make purchases for the business on their own.

Obviously, the biggest advantage with having the additional cardholder, is it provides a little extra security in case of an emergency. The other consideration is security itself! If a card is lost or stolen, you’ll need to order a new card but you’ll have a backup.

Also, having different cards can be easier to track, as the spending from each card is usually available online.

Some of the disadvantages to adding an additional card holder is that the original credit card holder is still responsible for what the new card holder spends. This means that if an employee or family member goes on a spending spree, there is no way to dispute the charges, since if the additional card holder was authorised, any spending they do is valid.


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Pauline is a personal finance expert at, with 8 years in money, budgeting and property reporting under her belt. Pauline is passionate about seeing Aussies win by making their money – and their credit cards – work smarter, harder and bigger.

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Hi, I’m a personal finance expert who loves to help you out! I’ll answer your question within a business day. Pinky swear.

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peter brady

peter brady

15 June 2023
How do I apply for a supplementary latitude 28 degree card
    Pauline -


    16 June 2023
    Hi Peter, to add an additional cardholder to your Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard, you can go to their official website page and fill out their online application form or you can give them a call at 1300 552 079.

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