Frequent Flyer Credit Cards with travel insurance
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Frequent Flyer Credit Cards with travel insurance

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Frequent flyer cards. They can reward you in so many ways. They can allow you to earn points for flights and upgrades, specials and merchandise, just by spending on the card. If you choose the right card and use it correctly, it really can be rewarding. But what about other incentives, like travel insurance?

It’s true, there are dozens of frequent flyer cards out there, just waiting for you to start spending and earning points. There are also credit cards that offer extra incentives, such as warranties and insurance. But what about a combination of both? Is it worthwhile getting a credit card that rewards you with points and with travel insurance?

Earning Points

As with any type of rewards card, the most important thing to look at is how much you are paying out for the card in relation to how much you are getting in return. Think about how much you are paying in annual fees and interest (always pay the balance in full), and then think about what you are getting back from your card.

This applies to points and to extras, like travel insurance. You will usually find that more expensive premium cards have more to offer in extras, and a higher points earning potential. The card provider has already worked out how much it costs them to provide all the extras and rewards on the card, and charges enough in annual fees and interest to cover it.

So, you may look at one frequent flyer card and see that it offers one point per dollar, and another card that offer two points per dollar. You may also see another card that offers three points per dollar plus extras and travel insurance.

The key to working out the value of each card is to figure out how much the card will cost you in relation to the value of what you are getting in return. Visit our Best Frequent Flyer Comparison page to find out more about comparing the point per dollar value on frequent flyer cards.

Better or worse than standard travel insurance?

As with standard travel insurance, there is a lot to consider when comparing credit card travel insurance. Each credit card travel insurance policy will offer different levels of cover, with different terms and conditions. The only way to find out what will work better for you is to read the small print and compare what is on offer.

Think about who the policy covers

Credit card travel insurance will usually only offer cover if you pay for the trip with your card. This may only cover you, however, some policies will also cover your family if you pay for their trip on your card as well.

Medical cover limits

Look at how much your credit card travel insurance covers compared to standard travel insurance. Some cards cap medical cover at $500,000, some less. With a standard policy, you can pick the level of medical cover that suits you.

Time limits

Some credit card travel insurance will limit the amount of time covered on one trip (usually up to three months). Standard policies can be bought to cover travel from two days up to 18 months.

Sports cover

Sports such as snowboarding and skiing are usually deemed extreme sports, and therefore not covered on credit card travel insurance. Standard travel insurance policies allow add-ons for extreme sports cover at an extra cost.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Credit card travel insurance will generally not cover pre-existing conditions. Standard policies will charge a higher premium to cover them.


Credit card travel insurance is ‘free’ with the card – but bear in mind you might be paying extra for it in annual fees. Some cards will also require you to spend above a certain amount to activate the travel insurance, and remember, you need to pay for the trip with the card to be covered for that trip.

Finding a great frequent flyer card with travel insurance is possible – as long as you think about what you need it for, what you are getting from it, and what you are paying in. If you want to find out more about frequent flyer cards with travel insurance, visit our Benefits of Free Travel Insurance with Credit Cards page.

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