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FAQ: How many frequent flyer points do I get for my rewards points?
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FAQ: How many frequent flyer points do I get for my rewards points?

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One of the questions we get asked fairly regularly here at is what the conversion rate is between a bank’s rewards points and either Qantas Frequent Flyer points or another frequent flyer program points. This is something that looks really easy to figure out, but you will usually have to trawl the rewards program website to get the full picture. For a start, you’ll need to be sure that you can convert points to the frequent flyer program that you’re a member of (not all rewards programs have deals with all airlines).

Frequent Flyer and Rewards Points Compared

To get a better understanding which frequent flyer programs are available, visit our frequent flyer credit card page which lists all relevant frequent flyer cards in an easy to view format.

Converting rewards points to frequent flyer points

There are a few things you might not be aware of until you actually go to make the transfer. Keep these in mind if you’re thinking about converting some rewards points into frequent flyer points:

  1. Bank rewards points are not always 1 for 1 with frequent flyer points
  2. Once you convert to frequent flyer points, you generally can’t convert points back the other way. You can’t convert existing frequent flyer points to rewards points either.
  3. Points usually have to be transferred in blocks, and you may have to wait until they build up again to transfer the rest across (imagine you can only transfer points in blocks of 5000. If you have 5550 points accumulated, 550 points will have to stay on your rewards account until you build them back up to 5000)
  4. If you want to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points, remember that the majority of banks in Australia offer a card which allows you to automatically earn points if you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member (including now other providers such as Woolworths)
  5. You will have to be a member of whatever frequent flyer program you want to transfer points to (or join separately before you can convert points)
  6. Allow a minimum of 3-5 days for points to be transferred. It is not advisable to book flights before requesting a transfer. Points may take up to two weeks to appear.
  7. You will generally only be able to transfer points to a frequent flyer account in your own name and with the same details. If you change your details, update your credit card and frequent flyer accounts to be the same and avoid transfers not going through or being delayed.

Don’t forget about travel rewards from the bank’s own programs

Before actually converting to frequent flyer points, check out the options you might have to book flights with any airline, or to use points towards accommodation, ground transport options, tours or other rewards. Many bank rewards programs will have something to consider like travel vouchers. This could give you added flexibility when it comes to booking flights and might also mean you can fly a more direct route or at a preferred time.

Some smaller banks and credit unions also offer their own rewards program and don’t always allow members to transfer their points for frequent flyer miles. These may have a Qantas linked credit card on offer, or an alternative travel rewards program.

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