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As a member owned bank, Unity Bank has a long history putting its members first. It offers a wide range of personal and business banking products, including financial planning and insurance, loans, transaction accounts and credit cards.

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Unity Bank Visa Credit Card

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Unity Bank

Starting out as Waterside Workers of Australia Credit Union back in 1970, the company was established for the benefit of maritime workers and their families. Over the years it has welcomed members in the mining and power industries, their families and the local communities, growing and expanding to become the strong financial institution Unity Bank is today.

What does Unity Bank offer?

Proud of its member-owned status, Unity Bank strives for the lifelong financial prosperity, security and dignity of its members. Committed to this mission, the bank abides by principles of cooperation, mutuality and unity of purpose, carrying forward the vision of its founders. Always standing by its members, the bank offers the following benefits to those who choose its banking services.


Being member-owned, Unity Bank does not work in the same way as traditional banks. Where big banks are focused on generating profits so they can deliver dividends for shareholders, Unity Bank focuses on its own shareholders: its members. By re-investing profits back into the bank, Unity Bank can offer more value to its members, in the form of lower fees and competitive rates.

Member Focused

With its focus firmly set on its members, Unity Bank not only works to provide more value, it also allows its members to have a say in how the organisation is run. As Unity Bank is owned by its members, those members are all equal shareholders, with the same right to vote at the bank’s AGM and an equal say in how the bank is run.

Excellent Service

Like many mutuals, Unity Bank is proud of the service and support it offers members. While it may have a national presence, it still thinks locally, retaining strong relationships with members, many of whom are from loyal families whose relationship with the bank has lasted for generations. Offering personalised service, the bank is there for members who want to chat face to face, while also providing the support needed for those who prefer to bank online.

Well Regulated

While it may be smaller in size, Unity Bank is still regulated in the same way as all the big banks in Australia. It is supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), ensuring it maintains operational standards that safeguard the security of its members’ funds. Unity Bank is governed by its Board of Directors who are elected by its members.

Proud History

Proud of its past, Unity Bank believes its story makes it stronger. With decades of experience helping its members reach their financial goals, the bank now looks forward as a modern, ethical business that offers competitive, yet easy-to-understand products across Australia.

Community Involvement

Unity Bank also retains a strong desire to give back to the communities it serves. Working to build a stronger community for its members, Unity Bank donated more than $250,000 to local charities, community events and industry activities throughout 2018. Some of its sponsorships include the Collie Eagles Women's Inaugural Football Team, the NSW Variety Bash 2020, Radio Stingray and Swim for Seafarers.

In terms of the charities it supports, these include The Cure Starts Now Incorporation, Hunterlink Recovery Services and the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia. Meanwhile, Unity Bank staff also work hard to give back, working within staff initiatives such as Footy Colours Day, City2Surf and the CUFA Leadership Challenge Program.

Choosing Unity Bank

If you think Unity Bank is the bank for you, check out its Visa Credit Card to find out more about what it has to offer. As a basic, low rate card, the Unity Bank Visa Credit Card keeps things simple, helping cardholders to keep costs down as they access credit.

Introductory Offers: Keep an eye out for intro offers on this card, as they could help you save on interest or annual fees.

Low Interest: The card features a low ongoing purchase rate, which could work well for cardholders who tend to carry a balance.

Low Annual Fee: Instead of paying out heaps in annual fees, cardholders can save with a low ongoing annual fee, helping them get more value from their card.

Interest Free Period: Cardholders who pay off their balance month to month can save on interest with up to 55 days interest free on purchases (not available on accounts with balance transfers).

Interested? Click on the card’s page to get the lowdown on features and benefits, and to read our helpful review.

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