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Balance Transfers – FAQs
How many cards can you transfer? Is there a balance transfer limit? How do I find the best balance transfer for me? Answers to these questions and more.

Low Interest Credit Cards FAQ
How do low interest cards work? What is a low interest rate? How do I pick a low rate card? What customers suit low rate cards? What is the difference between a low rate card and low fee card? Answers to these questions and more.

Frequent Flyer FAQs
What are Qantas flyer cards? What are Velocity cards? How long will it take for frequent flyer points to be calculated? Do I have to join Qantas Frequent Flyer program to link a credit card? Answers to these questions and more.

Rewards Credit Cards FAQ’s
How do I use a Rewards card? What sort of Rewards can I get with a Rewards Card? What’s the difference between a bank’s own reward program and an independent one like FlyBuys or Qantas? Answers to these questions and more.

No Annual Fee Credit Card FAQ’s
What is a no annual fee card? Why do no annual fee credit cards come with a higher interest rate? What is the difference between a no annual fee and a low annual fee card? Answers to these, and more.

Gold and Platinum Cards FAQ’s
What is purchase protection insurance? What is a price guarantee? Do balance transfers on gold or platinum cards earn rewards points? Read more, or ask a question on Gold & Platinum cards.


Best Balance Transfer Card Offers
Key rules of Balance Transfers
Frequent Flyer Points Earning By Card
Converting Reward points to Flyer Points
How to make a BPayment with a credit card
How do Interest Free Days work?
How is Interest Calculated?
Which banks can I balance transfer to and from?

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