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CreditCard.com.au has been the leading online credit card comparison site for many years. Over 100,000 Australians have used CreditCard.com.au to find a better credit card deal. We provide credit card comparison for over 30 leading brands from across Australia and provide independent scores on credit cards and allow for custom reviews from the general public.

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Questions on credit cards?

Do you have a question or want to learn more about different types of credit cards? Our resource page is a great place to find out more about a large variety of credit card related questions.

Each of the main pages on this site has a list of frequently asked questions and an ‘Ask a Question’ box near the bottom of the page. If you have a question about a particular credit card please check the bottom of that product’s page. Or if you’d prefer, ask a general question here.

Want to review a credit card?

If you would like to review a particular credit card you can do so by visiting that credit card’s page and clicking ‘Add your review’ (below the Pro’s & Con’s section).

How it works

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Our service is 100% free of fees for users of our site. For many cards on the site, we are paid a small commission from banks or financial institutions when someone completes an application or is approved for an application. Additionally, we sell banner sponsorship opportunities throughout the site which produces a good source of income. We can not be paid more money to position a product higher in our tables, unlike many of our competitors. We place products higher based on the key features and special offers that are available for that product at the time.

Things to think about when comparing cards

While there is no specific card that is best for every person, we rate them all on an overall basis in relation to the current offers in market. It is very important when considering a credit card to take your own personal circumstances into consideration. Some suggested questions to think about might be:

  • Do I pay my balance off every month in full? If you don’t, card providers will not give you any interest free days and means that the overall purchase interest rate could be most important to you. To learn more about how credit card interest works click here, to learn more about interest free days, visit our interest free days guide.
  • How much will I spend on a monthly basis on my credit card? This has a massive effect on what type of card to apply for. The more you spend, the more that rewards programs could be of interest. But only likely to be of financial benefit if you pay off your balance each month and don’t get hit with interest charges. (See the above question for more on that). With rewards programs it’s important to decide what rewards are most important to you and how much you actually have to spend to get them. Be realistic about your spending.
  • How often will I use my credit card? Some people don’t use their card much at all and may just be used in an emergency. For these people, a no annual fee card may be best. Be aware that some may not offer interest-free days, so even if used occasionally will accrue interest from day one.
  • Will I be using my credit card to purchase overseas in other currencies? Many credit cards charge up to 3% on overseas purchases and that’s before any interest. A range of credit cards don’t charge foreign exchange fees and some charge no ATM fees.
  • If you’re looking to balance transfer to another card, what will the interest rate be after the introductory period expires? Many special balance transfer offers revert to the cash advance rate of the credit card, which is typically over 20%. If you don’t pay off your balance before the intro period, you could end up paying a higher interest rate than you were before. You’ll also need to check that the card you want to transfer your debt to isn’t in the same provider network. Some big banks are issuers (meaning it provides the credit) for other brands. For instance, Macquarie Bank is the issuer for Woolworths credit cards, so you can’t make a balance transfer to or from either brand. To see which banks you can transfer to, visit our full list here.

Use our CardMatch tool

We created a custom tool to help users search for their perfect credit card from the selection we have available. Be aware it does not feature all the credit cards in Australia, but a large selection of credit cards that we have access to track for advertisers and other cards that we feel have strength in the market. If you have any suggestions for more please contact us.

Use our cardmatch tool to quickly drill down and find information on a range of similar products. If you already have a credit card, you may be able to select this (if we feature it) and compare the rates on it against other similar offers in market.

Who is behind CreditCard.com.au?

CreditCard.com.au was founded by entrepreneur Roland B Bleyer. In 2021, the site was transferred to a new team who have a mission to make creditcard.com.au the best and easiest way to find the credit card that rewards you best.

Detailed Method to Score Products:

  • Interest rates applying to purchases, balance transfer and cash advance rates.
  • Value of introductory interest rates on the above.
  • What interest rates these introductory offers move to once the period expires.
  • Annual fees, both standard and introductory offers.
  • The merit of all special offers e.g. ‘bonus’ reward points.
  • Standard features such as the interest free days or credit limit available.
  • Rewards points earning capability and relative value of the points earned per dollar spent.
  • Extra benefits such as instant discounts or complimentary services e.g. free travel insurance, concierge etc.
  • Market acceptance of credit cards and weight of the transaction premiums/penalties charged by traders.
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