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Offering a full range of financial products and services, G&C Mutual Bank is a mutual organisation that dates back to 1959. With its doors open to everyone, this is a bank that strives to offer excellent customer service and support alongside competitive rates and fees on its products.

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G&C Mutual Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card

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G&C Mutual Bank

'It’s your bank, because you own it'

Shared Decision Making

In a mutual, the organisation is owned by its members. That means, unlike bigger banks, which are owned by external shareholders, G&C Mutual Bank is member-owned. So, when G&C Mutual Bank hold an Annual General Meeting every year, all members have the opportunity to attend, to have their say in the running of their bank.

Improved Financial Solutions

Being member-owned has another important advantage. As G&C Mutual Bank doesn’t have to pay out profits to keep external shareholders happy, it can concentrate on making its members happy instead. Its profits can be re-invested back into the bank to provide better value to members, in the form of lower fees and more competitive rates on products.

When you check out the range of financial products offered by G&C Mutual Bank, you may find they compare favourably to what’s on offer elsewhere. And while it may not offer the extensive range of the much bigger banks, G&C Mutual Bank allows customers to focus on what’s important: great products that offer great value.

Great Service and Support

As is often the case with mutuals, G&C Mutual Bank has a strong focus on customer service. According to the bank, its staff work hard to meet every member’s individual financial goals. This may mean making visits to members’ workplaces and homes, providing support over the phone or online, or being there in branch when needed.

G&C Mutual Bank has the goal of being there to help its members with everything from choosing the right product for them, to establishing their future goals or even providing advice on how to budget.

The bank has eight service centres throughout New South Wales and Victoria, servicing members of Bathurst, Lismore, Malabar, Melbourne, Mid-City (Sydney), Newcastle, Parramatta and Wagga Wagga. G&C Mutual Bank also has a contact centre available during business hours for members who cannot get to a service centre, as well as easy banking options including phone, online and mobile banking offering members access to their accounts at anytime they need.

Award-winning Products

It seems G&C Mutual Bank must be doing something right. Over the years, the bank has taken home a host of awards. In 2018, the bank’s Low Rate Credit Card was recognised within Mozo’s Experts Choice awards, and was awarded a five-star rating by Canstar for outstanding value. Prior to that, its cards – and many of its other financial products – picked up further recognition.

G&C Mutual Bank Credit Cards

Want to know more about G&C Mutual Bank’s credit cards? Currently, the bank has two cards: a low rate card and a platinum card. As these types of cards are very different – suiting two very different types of cardholder – let’s see what they offer, and who they work best for.

  • Low Rate Credit Cards: Low rate cards like the one offered by G&C Mutual Bank tend to work well for cardholders who carry a balance. Instead of paying more in interest on a high interest card, this card can help cardholders save on interest month to month, to allow them to pay down more of their balance. As low rate cards tend to offer fewer features, they can work well for cardholders who want a basic card, with no complex features to trip them up. Annual fees on low rate cards also tend to be lower, making them a great option for money-savers.
  • Platinum Credit Cards: Platinum cards typically offer more features, and can work well for cardholders who want more back from their card. As these types of cards usually have a higher annual fee, cardholders need to make sure the card offers more value in features than they are paying out each year in fees. As value is important, cardholders should clear their balance each month to avoid interest, as these cards tend to have higher interest rates as well.
  • Rewards Credit Cards: The G&C Mutual Bank Platinum Credit Card is also a rewards card, meaning it can be a good option for cardholders who want to earn something back on their card spending. Earning points on the Qantas program, this card may work well for frequent Qantas flyers, or anyone who simply enjoys travel.

To find out more, click through to each G&C Mutual Bank card.

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12 January 2021
Hi, am I able to apply for a personal loan if my income is from Centrelink?
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    13 January 2021
    Hi Andrea, most providers will not see centerlink as income. You need to find a specialist lender that may be able to assist. https://www.creditworld.com.au/loans/
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