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Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card
Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Updated 21 January 2021

Purchase Rate (p.a)


Balance Transfer (p.a)


Annual Fee (p.a)


$0 over 0 months

My transfer amount

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Pros and cons

  • 9.39% p.a. on purchases and cash advances
  • $59 annual card fee

  • 0 days interest free on purchases review

Editor Review

Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Roland Bleyer
Credit Card Expert with over 15 years card experience and the founder of about this card.

The Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Giving you an extremely low rate of interest on your purchases, the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card could help you save some serious money on balances carried over month-to-month. Keeping costs down with a low annual fee, the card has a fairly simple offering elsewhere, but of course, it still provides all the basic features you expect from a credit card.

What we love...

As you would expect, the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card is a card that focuses on low rates. Why else would it have ‘low rate’ in its name? But, while you may have seen other low rate options offering their version of ‘low rate’ – from bigger banks, perhaps – this card has a seriously low rate of interest.

Offering one of the lowest rates on the market right now, this card from Bank Australia could provide you with huge savings on your balance, depending of course, on how much you owe and your current interest rate. But, how can Bank Australia offer such low rates? Mostly because it is a customer-owned bank.

Unlike other bigger banks which are owned by its shareholders – such as the Big Four, for instance – Bank Australia is owned by its customers. So, instead of aiming to please its shareholders with profits, it can return those profits back to its customers in the form of better fees and rates, while also making investments to create positive social and environmental change.

Bank Australia also prides itself on the fact that its money is ‘clean’. It qualifies this by saying it has never loaned to industries that do harm, such as those that deal with coal, nuclear weapons, gambling, tobacco or live animal export.

Instead, as a customer-owned bank, it uses its customers’ money in responsible ways, by creating positive impact for people, their communities and the planet. So, if you choose to apply for a card from Bank Australia, you could become a part-owner in the bank’s 927-hectare Conservation Reserve – a world-first for a bank.

Sure, you may only be interested in the card’s low rates and low annual fee, but with the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card you actually get so much more. To find out what else the bank is doing behind the scenes, check out its site. It could change your opinion on your current bank.

What’s not so great...

While the purchase rate on the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card is super low, its annual fee is substantial for a card that has such basic features. What you’re paying for in this annual fee is its low rate, which could certainly help to save you money on your balance. However, if you’re looking for a low rate and no annual fee, the bank’s classic card may be worth looking into.

Why should you choose this card?

There’s no doubt about it, the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card has an eye-poppingly low rate on both purchases and cash advances, so if you’re looking to save on interest, this card could help you do it. If you carry a balance month-to-month, a card with a low rate could help. Plus, you can enjoy a range of simple features that add functionality and accessibility.

The card provides extra security with 24/7 fraud monitoring and Visa Checkout, it offers tech compatibility with access to Apple Pay and Google Pay, and it has a pretty nifty app that allows you to manage the way you transact with card controls, such as placing a temporary lock on your card or creating custom notifications to monitor your card activity.

And of course, with a card from Bank Australia, you can choose to step away from the bigger bank experience, by becoming part of a customer-owned bank that believes in creating positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes for all. Looking to ease your social conscience? This card could be that salve.

Overall Rating

A simple card that provides one of the lowest rates on the market and a manageable annual fee, the Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card is a money-saver from a bank that likes to do things a little bit differently.

User reviews

Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card ( based on 2 user reviews )

89% rating based on 2 reviews

Customer Service
89% Visitor

28 January 2013

One of the few cards I’ve seen that charges the same interest on purchases as cash advances. It’s a really low rate so it means I don’t get charged too much in interest – or annual fees cos that’s only $59. You don’t get any interest free days like on other cards though.

Recommends this card

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Purchase rate 9.39% p.a.

Cash advance rate 9.39% p.a.

Interest free period on purchases up to 0 days

Credit limits

Minimum credit limt $1,000

Maximum credit limit N/A

Fees & repayments

Annual fee $59 p.a.

Additional card holder fee $0 p.a.

Foreign transaction fee 3%

Minimum repayment 2.5%

Cash advance fee 3.5%

Late payment fee $0

Additional features

Complimentary insurance

International Travel Insurance No

Flight Inconvenience Insurance No

Transit Accident Insurance No

Smartphone Screen Insurance No

Purchase Protection Insurance No

Extended Warranty Insurance No

Rental Vehicle Excess In Australia Insurance No


Eligible with Apple Pay and Google Pay


Bank Australia Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Bank Australia Low Rate credit card features the bank’s lowest ongoing interest rate of 9.39% p.a. Annual fee is $59 and the card has 0 days interest free on purchases.

Key features

  • 9.39% p.a. on purchases and cash advances
  • $59 annual card fee
  • 0 days interest free on purchases

Minimum criteria to apply for this card

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good Credit and have not applied for multiple credit cards recently

  • Resident or citizen of Australia

  • You have your personal details ready to complete the online application

Roland B Bleyer

Roland B Bleyer founded in 2005 and has extensive knowledge about credit cards. He personally answers all questions and write the editor reviews for each card here. Always keen to share his passion to educate consumers and help you select better suited credit cards.

Recently Asked Questions

Something you need to know about this card? Ask a our credit card expert a question.

7 questions (showing the latest 10 Q&As)

Sterio Nikolaou

Sterio Nikolaou

27 December 2017
How do I apply
James Mc Ternan

James Mc Ternan

24 August 2017
I am a pensioner, and I get the aged pension, plus a part pension from Ireland and the U.K. Would I qualify? Kindest regards James Mc Ternan
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    25 August 2017
    Hi James, Bank Australia do not see the pension as income. Therefore you would need to gain income from other sources than the pension to meet the minimum requirements with this bank.


28 March 2017
Am i eligible for this or any loan. Casual employee of your inspiration at home- spice partner snd i bring in 900 per week and am parttime
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    28 March 2017
    Hi Nerrida, on income requirements, you need to look at yourself individually rather than looking at combined income. If you meet the minimum income plus have good credit, then you can apply.


30 January 2017
Im currently earning around 965.00 a fortnight, would i be eligible for a $1000- $1500 credit card? Thankyou
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    31 January 2017
    Hi Kristen, in the end you just need to meet the minimum income and other requirements to apply for a card. The credit limit you are assigned will be assessed at the time of application based on your personal situation.


15 January 2017
Hi what is the interest rates of useing this card overseas thing about getting this card for our holiday. Thank you
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    15 January 2017
    Hi Daniel, the interest rates stay the same no matter where you use it. Though you will be hit with FX charges. Check out a card like the 28 Degrees which has no currency conversion fees on purchases which is great for travelling.
Shamie laeno

Shamie laeno

6 December 2016
Can I apply for this credit card as Im on centrelink benifit but my husband is working as casual mechanic and we have 4000 combined income per month.
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    7 December 2016
    Hi Shamie, you will not be approved on centrelink. You husband could apply for a card or you can wait until you start a new job to apply.
steven Wray-Barnes

steven Wray-Barnes

12 July 2013
Is there any way possible I can get a credit card while under a section 9 repayment plan. I earnt 77 thousand last financial year so I have no problem paying it back. Is there anything that you could do for me please
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    12 July 2013
    Hi Steven, unfortunately you'd need to speak to a financial advisor or bank about this, as we aren't in a position to negotiate with the banks on your behalf (sorry). You can find a list of free service providers on the MoneySmart website ( or you can call the bank and ask them directly what their position is.

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