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A brand native in Australia, United Petroleum, started opening a network of service stations and convenience stores in South Australia in 1993. From then on, the company continued to set up its network and increase its numbers dramatically which reached 450 locations across Australia today. As one of the fastest growing independent companies in the country, United Petroleum, is able to provide both extensive product portfolio and employment opportunities to over 2,500 Australians.

United Petroleum specialises in retails, franchises and wholesales of fuel products; service stations and convenience stores; and ethanol manufacturing. To provide savings on corporate fuel costs, United Petroleum launched its fuel card - UnitedCard.
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United Petroleum

UnitedCard: Helping businesses stay in control

As a 100% Australian owned petrol company, United Petroleum, is no doubt the company that knows most what the locals need. Competing with giants, the brand has emerged to be one of the fastest growing independent companies in the country, through creating and developing a wide network of its service stations and expanding its product offerings. It has service stations and convenience stores of up to 450 locations in the country delivering high quality fuels.

In terms of adapting to the fast developing technology demands of this generation, United Petroleum launched different cards which cater consumer needs. These are rewards cards, gift cards, club membership cards and a fuel card - UnitedCard.

UnitedCard was offered with the goal of giving consumers in Australia, especially the business, more options to effectively manage their vehicle fuel expenses. This card features discounts on fuel prices, low fees, security enabled features, flexible and simple payment options, and a digital tool to manage and control expenses.

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