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Regional Australia Bank provides a new standard of banking to tens of thousands of regional Australians, helping them achieve their lifestyle goals through sound guidance, competitive interest rates and fairer fees. Working to create better financial relationships with its members, Regional Australia Bank strives to set itself apart from the big banks. One of the reasons it can do this is because it is member-owned.

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Regional Australia Bank

Regional Australia Bank

What does it mean to be owned by its members? As it is not owned by external shareholders, Regional Australia Bank can focus solely on its members, instead of working to create profits that can be turned into shareholder dividends. Recognising everyone’s circumstances are different, this is a bank that provides personalised financial solutions, working with its members to save them time, money and effort.

With roots in regional NSW and a head office in Armidale, Regional Australia Bank has a history that goes back more than 50 years. And while it may have a strong branch presence throughout regional NSW, the bank has adopted new technology that allows it to extend its reach, delivering a style of banking that reflects regional Australian values to all Australian communities, in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Retaining a strong focus on personalised service, Regional Australia Bank is made up of dedicated professionals who are specialists in their fields. As they are based in regional areas, they have a common understanding of regional needs and culture, with a deep-seated interest in seeing their communities succeed.

Guided by integrity, respect and fairness, the bank has based its values on a mindset that regional Australians share. Promoting relationships that are built on trust and reliability, this is a bank that understands the significance of community and the importance of unity and belonging. Which is why it goes beyond the provision of banking services, to really do good within the community, pledging more than 5% of its profits to grass roots community initiatives.

Building Stronger Communities

Regional Australia Bank works to build stronger communities for the good of all. Throughout 2018, the bank gave back almost $1 million to local communities in the form of sponsorships, donations, grass roots community initiatives and small infrastructure projects.

  • Sponsorship: Within the hundreds of worthwhile causes the bank supports, some of the standouts include BackTrack, an organisation that provides guidance and education programs for at-risk youth, and the Regional Australia Bank Dubbo Show, which promotes agricultural excellence through competition.
  • Community Partnership Program: Through this program, members can support their local community simply by using their selected savings account and nominating their choice of organisation from the bank’s list of almost 1,000 registered groups and causes. In doing this, the bank calculates your average annual balance and donates the equivalent of 1% to your chosen group.
  • Heart of our Community: Providing an outlet for community groups and individuals to post ideas to better their community, this website works to connect people, businesses and the community in general, giving those ideas a voice and vision to win support of like-minded locals.
  • Sustainability: As a Bronze Partner in the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage program, Regional Australia Bank does not lend to, or invest in mining industries. Instead, it focuses on investing in clean technologies, while minimising its own impact on the environment, and inspiring and empowering members to make ethical decisions.

Applying for a Credit Card from Regional Australia Bank

When you apply for a credit card from Regional Australia Bank, you become part of this member-owned organisation, giving you access to competitive rates and fairer fees, backed by outstanding customer service. If you like the look of what Regional Australia Bank offers in the way of service and community support, take a look at its credit card offering to see if there is a credit card to suit your needs.

Regional Australia Bank Your Choice Credit Card

A basic card option offering low rates and a low annual fee, this could help keep costs down, especially for home loan borrowers, who enjoy further discounts.

Regional Australia Bank Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Offering cardholders the opportunity to earn Qantas Points on their card spending, this card provides an excellent selection of platinum perks, with great intro offers from time to time.

Find out more about these cards by reading all the need-to-know info and our reviews.

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