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Exclusively supporting the Queensland police, emergency services, government and health community, QBANK offers a full range of banking products, including home loans and personal loans, everyday transaction accounts and credit cards. Having served this community since 1964, QBANK has a strong understanding of its members, offering them the products they want, backed by the service they need.

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A bank that serves Queensland's everyday heroes as well as their family members.


QBANK must be doing something right. Awarded Best Mutual in the RFi Group Australian Lending Awards for 2019, QBANK has been recognised for its commitment to improving customer experience for its members, while highlighting the values and benefits of member-owned banking in everything it does.

Community Involvement

QBANK thinks of its members as everyday heroes in the community. But, not only is it the bank’s job to provide dedicated banking to the people who protect and serve Queenslanders, QBANK also believes in giving back to the community both the bank and its members serve. Which is why QBANK puts so much effort into community involvement.

Community Partnerships: QBANK works closely alongside many organisations in the Queensland community, including Queensland Police Legacy, Bike 4 Burns, the RBWH Foundation, the KJ McPherson Education & Research Foundation, the United Firefighters Union of Queensland and the Queensland Police Union of Employees.

Community Giving Program: As part of its Community Giving Program, QBANK proudly supports organisations, groups and individuals in the community that truly make a difference, including Community Supporting Police, Queensland Retired Police Association, Crime Stoppers Queensland, Queensland Ambulance Service Legacy and the Australasian Council of Women and Policing.

Everyday Heroes Awards: The QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards is designed to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Queensland community. These are awarded in the categories of Dedication, Ownership, Excellence, Working Together, Achievement and the Young Everyday Hero Award.

Staff Social Investment Program: Encouraging its staff to get involved on the ground in community activities, QBANK gives each of its employees one day's paid leave each year to participate in its Staff Social Investment Program. Some key staff volunteer events include the Commissioner’s Gift Drive, National Police Remembrance Day, the Bike 4 Burns charity ride and Community Supporting Police at the EKKA.


Where did QBANK originate from? QBANK was established as QPCU back in 1964, when 23 people attended the first meeting at the Queensland Police Union of Employees office, in Kangaroo Point. Within a year, the organisation appointed directors and its first full time employee. At the first annual report, there were 274 members, and approximately $47,878 in deposits and $55,182 in outstanding loans.

Over the following years, QPCU enhanced its services, making improvements such as the addition of ATMs and member chequing, to later partner with QBE Insurance to provide additional insurance services to members. In 2009, it introduced an online term deposit – a first for any credit union – then SMS banking, and mobile banking.

Not long after QPCU celebrated 50 years of service in 2014, it changed its company name to QPCU Limited at the 2015 AGM. From there, it was just one year later that the organisation commenced trading under the name QBANK as a member-owned bank.

Today, QBANK is one of the largest providers of banking products to this sector. Despite this growth, however, the bank states its hasn't lost sight of its humble beginnings and its goal to help those who are making a difference in the community: its members.

Becoming a Member

If you are interested in joining QBANK, you will need to become a member. Membership is not open to the general public, however. This is a bank that exclusively looks after police officers and paramedics, firefighters and health workers, emergency service workers, correctional service officers and government employees, and their family members.

Any current or former employee or member of these groups can join:

  • Local, State or Federal Government employee residing in Queensland
  • Queensland Police Service employee
  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services employee
  • Queensland Ambulance Service employee
  • Queensland Corrective Services employee
  • Queensland Health employee
  • Australian State or Federal Police employee
  • Queensland Police Union employee
  • QBANK employee
  • Queensland Police Youth Club employee or volunteer
  • Any person engaged in the administration of justice, protection of life or property, or the provision of related community services (eg. SES volunteers, Rural Fire Service volunteers, St Johns Ambulance officers, Surf Life Savers)
  • Member of a mutual bank or credit union established for employees of any Australian state or federal police service, armed services, or customs and border protection service

And family members? Relatives of a current, eligible (in the process of becoming a member) or deceased member are also eligible to join QBANK. Note, a 'relative' is a spouse or de facto, sibling, child or parent, not an uncle, aunt or cousin.

If this is you, check out what QBANK has to offer in its low rate, no annual fee Bluey Visa Credit Card. You can find all the essential info here.

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