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Puma Energy prides itself on providing high quality products and services across Australia. Upon entering the Australian market in 2013, Puma Energy has already established itself as a giant with its over 270 retail sites, 20 depots and 3 bulk seaboard terminals across the country. In July 2020, the company was acquired by Chevron through its Downstream organisation, Chevron Australia Products. The brand continued in offering more to the market by increasing its network coverage and expanding its product portfolio.

As of today, Puma Energy has over 320 retail locations, 14 depots and 3 bulk seaboard terminals across the country operating under the Puma brand. In terms of retail, it also established more than 270 service stations upgraded with an extensive 24-hour diesel network. One of the attractive products in its portfolio is the fuel card, Pumacard. This provides consumers with convenient road journeys as it’s accepted around Australia plus some benefits and extras.
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Puma Energy

Pumacard: Network and savings

Puma Energy established a wide network in Australia with its hundreds of retail sites, depots, service stations and seaboard terminals. With this network at hand, the brand also gives a complimentary convenience to its consumers through its fuel card, Pumacard.

Pumacard is accepted at more than 400 Puma service stations nationwide. Pumacard is marketed as having flexible options on security options and card management abilities. This feature is to cater the varying needs of truck drivers and vehicle operators. Cardholders can always expect low to zero transaction fees and a wide range of benefits in using the card.

Pumacard also partnered with other merchants to extend its offering which include tyres, servicing, car parking, repairs and maintenance, and even accommodation and taxis. Puma Energy also mentioned that its consumers do not need to carry more than one type of fuel card as Pumacard is now accepted at over 90% of services around the country.

Pumacard comes in two versions, the Pumacard (open loop) and the Pumacard Direct. These two cards come in varying features which will suit companies and other users needs and cash flow.

If you’re looking for cost savings and high quality services on fuel and vehicles, Pumacard is quite worth considering.

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