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Police Credit Union is all about 'Better Banking'. With a promise to deliver a Better Banking experience to all its members, Police Credit Union uses its mutual status to offer financial products and services that can help members reach their goals. So, what exactly does it have to offer?

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Police Credit Union extralite Credit Card

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Police Credit Union

Competitive Interest Rates

As a mutual, Police Credit Union has no external shareholders expecting their piece of the pie. Within a mutual organisation such as this, it is members that benefit from any profits earned. Police Credit Union re-invests profits to benefit members, providing them with competitive interest rates on both loans and credit cards, and savings products such as savings and investment accounts.

Fairer Fees and Charges

Again, those re-invested profits work to benefit members by providing them with lower fees on their financial products. Police Credit Union has no monthly fees on its everyday banking and savings accounts, and low fees elsewhere. Members can also benefit from fairer charges, lowering the cost they have to pay out when life doesn’t go to plan.

Personalised Service

Customers within the big bank system are often made to feel like a number. This is not something Police Credit Union wants its members to experience. So, by re-investing its profits, it works to provide better, more personalised customer service, offering support to members where and when it’s needed most. And it must be doing something right. Police Credit Union says it has a Customer Satisfaction Rating of over 93%, which compares quite favourably to the bank average of 80%.

Extended Branch Opening Hours

Police Credit Union understands that not all members want to talk over the phone or do their banking online. So, it offers extended branch opening hours so that members can come in and have a chat at a time that better suits them. While Police Credit Union doesn’t have a national presence, it does have branches in South Australia and the Northern Territory, providing that personalised banking experience to members who live close by.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Police Credit Union proves that you don’t need to opt for a big bank to enjoy all the latest technology on your banking products. Members can enjoy access to their accounts via the Police Credit Union banking app and online banking. They can also take advantage of fast payments and compatibility with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Going Green

Sustainability is important to Police Credit Union. Having reached carbon neutral status, it continues to reduce its environmental footprint, and has committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 5% each year.

Police Credit Union also established its Plant the Seed Foundation to help the local communities in which it operates, through volunteer programs, sponsorships and donations. Committed to playing an active role in the conservation and sustainability of our community and environment, it currently contributes over $350,000 each year to organisations, events and activities across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

But that’s not all. Police Credit Union wants to help members with their green initiatives as well. One of the ways it does this is with its Solar Eco Loan, helping members cover solar improvements to their home.

Community Support

Police Credit Union enjoys strong links to the community, supporting and sponsoring initiatives and projects that help build stronger communities for all. It has supported major community events such as the Credit Union Christmas Pageant and Ride Like Crazy, and has also partnered with the likes of Police Association of South Australia and Northern Territory Police Association.

Some of the charities and foundations it supports include Police Link, Paraquad, SA Police Historical Society, Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital, Sids for Kids, Cancer Council, Juvenile Diabetes, Neighbourhood Watch, HeartKids and Trees for Life.

Choosing Police Credit Union

If you like the sound of what Police Credit Union has to offer, why not check out its credit card. The Police Credit Union extralite Credit Card is a low cost card that could help you save money every day.

  • It has no annual fee: That means you could keep it in your wallet while essentially paying out nothing for the privilege.
  • It has a low ongoing interest rate: With the same low rate on purchases and cash advances, this card could help you save if you carry a balance.
  • It has up to 44 days interest free on purchases: If you clear your balance each month, you could save on interest with up to 44 days interest free on purchases.

Want to find out more? Simply click on the card’s page.

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