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PayPal launched and released to the Australian market their new rewards credit card in July 2021. Their rewards card allows cardholders to earn rewards while paying no annual fee, plus some other benefits. Let’s look deeper into what this new card has to offer.

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About PayPal

PayPal is known for providing an easy & quick way to send and request money and to make purchases online.


Founded in December 1988 by technology entrepreneurs, Confinity was first established and with the realization of the business model with no success after few years, they switched their focus to a digital wallet and partnered with an online financial services company to continue its mission in providing access for everyone to an affordable, convenient and secure online financial transactions --- so PayPal was born.

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Larissa Rauhihi

Larissa Rauhihi

30 December 2022
Can I get cash with a PayPal credit card and do you know what credit cards give you cash?
    Pauline -


    3 January 2023
    Hi Larissa, unfortunately, the PayPal Rewards credit card is no longer available for application. This has been replaced with the Classic Plus card now by Citi since mid October 2022. You can check some of the Citi credit cards for other options.
Kenneth Bell

Kenneth Bell

10 October 2021
i am a on a penison will this be a problem
    Roland B Bleyer - Founder


    11 October 2021
    Hi Kenneth, thanks for your question. Paypal requires you to have a minimum income of $35,000 per annum to meet the eligibility requirements of their card, among other things. If you’d like to learn more about banks that are offering pensioner credit cards, drill down into the list. Hope this has helped!
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