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Established back in 1964, Orange Credit Union has long been part of the community in Orange, New South Wales, providing members with the financial solutions they need to reach their goals. Over the years, the credit union has grown and expanded, so that today, it now has more than 13,500 members and over $200 million in assets.

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Orange Credit Union

As a mutual, it is set up to benefit members, so while it may be bigger, it still remains focussed on its members, extending its range to offer everything from transaction and savings accounts, to home loans, insurance and credit cards. Orange Credit Union also has a strong sense of community, and as membership is restricted to those who reside in Orange, members can expect to see their credit union working hard to improve the community in which they themselves live.

Being Part of a Mutual

Orange Credit Union is a mutual organisation, which means it is owned by its members rather than external shareholders. Being part of a mutual can provide any number of benefits, but here are some of the more important ones.

Have your say: While it is managed by a Board of Directors, Orange Credit Union is owned by its members. As a member, you can have your say in how your bank is run, utilising the principle of one member one vote.

Enjoy access to competitive products: With no external shareholders taking their share of the profits, Orange Credit Union can re-invest its profits to offer members lower fees and better rates on their financial products. As a member, you can also benefit from uncomplicated processes on a wide product range, backed by excellent service.

The focus is on you: Organisations need to keep shareholders happy. With a mutual, members are the shareholders. So, at Orange Credit Union, the focus is on you, ensuring you have everything you need to make you happy.

Sense of belonging: One of the things mutuals like Orange Credit Union works hard on is making members feel like they belong. Offering personalised service, Orange Credit Union is there for each and every member, providing that sense of belonging that may be missing from bigger banks.

Giving back to the community: Often, mutuals have strong ties to the community. Limiting membership to those who reside in Orange, Orange Credit Union keeps its community focus local, so that when it gives back to the community, members can benefit directly.

Being part of a well regulated institution: While Orange Credit Union is small in size, it is part of something bigger. More than 4 million Australians are members of credit unions and mutual building societies, each of which meets the same regulatory standards as banks.

Becoming a Member

There’s no doubt Orange Credit Union has plenty to offer, but to become part of it all, you will need to become a member first. Membership at Orange Credit Union is open to residents in Orange and its surrounding districts, and their families.

Membership costs $10. You can complete your application for membership online as long as you are 18 or over, and you are a citizen or resident of Australia. Following that, you will have access to the range of products and services Orange Credit Union offers.

This includes the Orange Credit Union Amigo Credit Card (subject to eligibility). While it may have something of a peculiar name, this card is a great money saver, offering cardholders the opportunity to save with a low ongoing purchase rate and a low annual fee. So, is it for you?

Check out the card’s page for more info, including essentials such as fees and interest, and our handy review.

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