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Nova Alliance Bank, a mutual bank in Newcastle, New South Wales, strives to build partnerships that are based on trust and a win-win mentality, putting members’ interests at the heart of every decision it makes. Nova offers a variety of financial products and services ranging from home loans and car loans to everyday accounts and low-cost credit cards. Nova Alliance Bank credit card is a no-frills card with a low ongoing rate and low annual fee. ⭐Visit our comparison guide to sort and compare the top low interest cards.

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Nova Alliance Bank

With a strong belief that together, people can create happier, healthier lives for themselves and each other, Nova Alliance Bank prides itself on being an Alliance Bank partner. This means that not only is the bank there to offer the financial products its members need with ease, simplicity and speed, it is also a participant in social change, working to create a better tomorrow for all.

Nova Alliance Bank sees itself as the bank that funds dreams, gives consumers more options and anticipates their financial needs. Is it the bank for you? Let’s take a closer look at where Nova Alliance Bank came from, what it has to offer, and why you might want to apply for a credit card from this Alliance Bank partner.

Who is Nova Alliance Bank?

Established back in 1964 to service the financial needs of those employed by the Hunter Water Board, Nova Alliance Bank started out as Hunter Water Board Employees Credit Union. Expanding over time, it later merged with Newcastle Herald Employees Credit Union. With this foundation, it’s safe to say a co-operative philosophy has always been at the centre of everything this organisation does.

Today, the bank is still headquartered in Newcastle, but it has a new partner. Thanks to its partnership with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, it has become Nova Alliance Bank – and an Alliance Bank partner.

What is an Alliance Bank?

You may have seen quite a few ‘Alliance Banks’. So, what exactly are they? Alliance Banks are Australia’s first wholly independent, member-owned social enterprise banks that, through the business of banking, invest their profits in initiatives that support members and seek to generate positive social outcomes within their communities.

Backed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Alliance Banks such as Nova Alliance Bank can offer the financial products and services their members need, while working to effect real positive change throughout their local communities and the world. By focussing on making changes where they’re needed, these Alliance Banks work to make life better for their members, and in doing so, create a more positive tomorrow.

What does Nova Alliance Bank have to offer?

As a Nova Alliance Bank member, what can you expect from your bank?

A Well Regulated Approach

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank supports all Alliance Bank partners, ensuring all financial products and services offered to members are properly regulated, and abide by the rules set out by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

A Say In How The Bank Is Run

Nova Alliance Bank is owned by its members. Under the principle of one member one vote, each member has a say in how the bank is run. This ensures the bank puts members first every step of the way.

Competitive Products

Being member-owned also means there are no external shareholders expecting to take their share of the profits. Instead, profits can be re-invested to benefit members, providing lower fees, better rates and more investment in the community in which members live.

Access To New Technology

Despite being smaller in size, Nova Alliance Bank still works hard to provide members access to all the latest technology. That means offering online banking access, and giving cardholders the ability to sync their cards to Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

A Way Forward

As a social enterprise bank, Nova Alliance Bank strives to create positive social change, investing in projects and communities that benefit members directly, or the world at large.

How do you join Nova Alliance Bank?

Like most member-owned banks, you need to become a member of Nova Alliance Bank to apply for any of its products. Becoming a member is easy – and free. Once you are a member, you can apply for a credit card if you think it’s the right fit you.

The Nova Alliance Bank Visa Credit Card offers:

  • Low Rates. This could work well for you if you carry a balance on your card and want to save on the amount of interest you pay.
  • A Low Annual Fee. This may appeal to you if you want to keep ongoing costs to a minimum.
  • A No Frills Option. This could work for you if you simply want access to credit without lots of complicated features.
  • Up To 55 Days Interest Free. This could appeal to you if you pay off your balance each month and want to keep interest costs at zero.

To find out more about this card, click on its page to find all the essential info and our review.

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