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Endeavour Mutual Bank is already under the umbrella of Australian Mutual Bank. This information has been left for those who still have the card or were previously interested.

While it may not have the same name it started out with, Endeavour Mutual Bank has a long history in the financial services industry, having served its members for more than 60 years. Offering a wide range of financial products and services, Endeavour has everything from home loans and insurance, to personal loans and credit cards, retaining a strong focus on great service and great value.

As its name might suggest, Endeavour Mutual Bank is a mutual organisation, which means it is owned by its members. Unlike many of the bigger banks, which are publicly listed companies, Endeavour doesn’t have to think of providing profit to external shareholders. Instead, it can focus on its members, providing value to them in the form of lower fees, better rates and excellent customer service.

Despite its smaller size, Endeavour still faces the same rules and regulations as bigger banks, and is regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). Endeavour has also worked closely with the Customer Owned Banking Association (the governing body of Australian mutual banks, credit unions and building societies) to develop the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.

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Endeavour Mutual Bank Visa Credit Card

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Endeavour Mutual Bank

Becoming an Endeavour Mutual Bank Member

As with most mutuals, you will need to become a member of Endeavour Mutual Bank if you choose to apply for one of its products. Fortunately, becoming a member is very easy indeed. When you apply online for a product with Endeavour, you will complete an online verification process at the end of the application. When you are approved, you will automatically become a member.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the Endeavour branches and apply in person. As most branches are centred around Sydney, reaching up to Newcastle, this option would work best if you happen to live in the local area.

Why join Endeavour?

When trying to decide whether to make the switch to a new bank, it can be a good idea to weigh up all the bank has to offer. We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of joining a mutual – the opportunity to enjoy lower fees, competitive rates and more personalised customer service – but what else does a bank like Endeavour have to offer its members?

Like many mutual banks, Endeavour retains a keen focus on community. With a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, Endeavour has established a charitable foundation called the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF). The Foundation allows Endeavour Mutual Bank and other mutuals to assist needy children through Barnardos Australia, while facilitating community initiatives in the local areas surrounding the bank’s branches.

Alongside its work in Australia, the Foundation also works to alleviate poverty in some of the poorest communities in South East Asia and the Pacific, by creating sustainable cooperative financial organisations.

Where did Endeavour come from?

As we mentioned earlier, Endeavour Mutual Bank did not start out as Endeavour Mutual Bank. Back in 1953, the bank started out life as Transport Credit Union, established to provide financial services to Sydney’s motor transport employees. Following a number of name changes and mergers – bringing various credit unions into the fold – the organisation was known as Select Encompass Credit Union, before finally, in 2018, becoming Endeavour Mutual Bank.

So, is Endeavour Mutual Bank right for you? Check out Endeavour’s credit card offering to find out if this mutual has what you’re looking for in a bank.

Endeavour’s Credit Cards

Like most mutuals, Endeavour keeps its credit card offering basic. Its credit cards focus on low rates and low fees, without any fancy features or rewards to complicate things. If you want a card that simply offers you access to credit while keeping costs low, this could be the type of card that will work for you. To find out more, read our review of Endeavour’s credit card here.

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Michael chau

Michael chau

18 November 2021
Why is there a transfer fee $30 charged by a bank to transfer some money to my Endeavour account? A friend tried earlier this week to transfer a small amount; firstly her bank didn't know Endeavor, secondly it asked for the $30 transfer fee.
    Pauline - CreditCard.com.au


    18 November 2021
    Hi Michael, Endeavour Mutual Bank has already been acquired and is now under the umbrella of Australian Mutual Bank. I suggest giving them a call directly at ​​13 61 91 to get information about the transfer fee.
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