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BankVic is a customer-owned bank dedicated to serving members within the police, health, emergency and public services sectors in Victoria. As an organisation, BankVic believes that members matter first and foremost, and has a simple approach of putting “People before Profits”.

How does it do this? The main difference between BankVic and other big banks such as the Big Four is that BankVic is owned by its members. Instead of earning profits to pass on to external shareholders, BankVic can reinvest 100% of its profits to benefit its members. It does this in two main ways. First up, it offers better rates and lower fees on its products. Secondly, it allows members to have their say and make decisions on how their bank is run. But that’s not all. BankVic also works to help those it serves by supporting the local community in which its members live, through sponsorships and community involvement. And what does its members have to say about all this? According to BankVic, it has a customer satisfaction rating of 95%, which, as the bank points out, is well above industry standards.
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BankVic Low Rate Visa Credit Card

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Discontinued: BankVic Visa Gold Credit Card

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BankVic: Looking Back

While it may have started out life under a different name, BankVic had the same principles when it was established back in 1974 as a credit union as it does today. Created to improve the financial wellbeing of its members within the Victoria Police, BankVic offered a range of financial products backed by personal service.

Over the years, the organisation extended its services to members of the health, emergency and public services sectors, retaining its heritage while advancing forwards to remain relevant within changing times. Today, BankVic is still based in Victoria, with a membership that has expanded to more than 112,000.

With $1.78 billion in assets, the bank prides itself on the fact that it is big enough to matter, while still remaining small enough to care about the financial wellbeing of each and every one of its members. One way the bank emphasises this is with the fact that it proudly says it has never foreclosed on a home loan.

BankVic: Looking Forward

In the present and going forward, BankVic exists to strengthen the communities it serves. Its aim is to build healthy communities that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. Three key ways it works towards this goal is through its business practices, its sustainability initiatives, and its community involvement.

In terms of business practices, the bank only engages in responsible lending practices to discourage members from over-extending themselves financially. It also provides independent financial counselling to members who are experiencing financial hardship, and it carries out regular reviews of its product range to ensure it offers competitive interest rates and low fees.

As for environmental sustainability, BankVic has introduced a number of green initiatives, including the introduction of eCommunications and eStatements, online forms for members, and electronic voting for Director elections. It also utilises environmentally-friendly paper using mixed sources, it recycles paper and office products, and uses double-sided printing on paper-based statements and marketing materials.

Meanwhile, the bank’s community involvement can be seen mainly through its sponsorships and partnerships. Within the Police Sector, BankVic supports The Police Association Victoria, Victoria Police Legacy, The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation, the Victoria Police Amateur Sports & Welfare Society, and the Law Enforcement Torch Run Victoria. The bank also extends its support within the Health Sector and the Emergency Services Sector via various foundations.

BankVic: Its Products

While it may be a smaller bank, BankVic offers a wide range of financial products and services, including everyday accounts and savings products, loans and insurance, and of course, credit cards. For a smaller financial provider, the bank has plenty to offer in the way of credit cards, providing the opportunity to save and the opportunity to earn rewards.

Like the bigger banks, BankVic offers all the latest payment tech on many of its offerings, with Apple Pay now available, as well as Touch ID and Face ID for iOS users. BankVic members were also among the first to take advantage of real-time payments via Osko, after launching its New Payments Platform (NPP), beating many of the big banks to the punch.

BankVic is also the proud recipient of several awards, receiving recognition within the industry across its banking range. One of its credit cards has received a 5-star Canstar rating, and it may only be a matter of time before its other cards also receive recognition. Why? Not only do these cards offer value in their low annual fees and rates, they also provide cardholders with functional features and some really nice rewards.

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