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100,000 Spend $6,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval
ANZ Qantas Business Rewards
ANZ Qantas Business Rewards

ANZ Credit Cards

ANZ Qantas Business Rewards

Updated 13 October 2023

Lucrative and smart, the new ANZ Qantas Business Rewards is rewarding Aussie businesses big and small 🛠 To start, you could pocket an enormous 100k bonus Qantas Points and save by paying no annual fee the first year.

Then, you can earn uncapped Qantas Points on expenses, join the Qantas Business Rewards loyalty program for free and get upgraded to Level 2 for 12 months to earn even more points and business perks.

Terms and conditions apply.

Points Earn Rate (per $1 spent)

0.75 points

0.75 Qantas Points for every $1 up to and including $15,000*; 0.5 Qantas Points for every $1 over $15,000*, uncapped

Rewards Program

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Bonus Points

100,000 pts

Spend $6,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval

Pros and cons

  • Bonus offers: Get 100k bonus Qantas Points when you spend $6000 on eligible purchases within 3 months of approval, plus pay no annual fee the first year (then $375).
  • Earn Qantas Points: You'll earn 0.75 points per $1 up to $15,000 in a statement period, then 0.5 points until the next statement period. Eligible tax payments also earn 0.5 points per $1.
  • Travel extras: You and employees with cards can use complimentary domestic and overseas travel insurance, 24/7 Global Business Concierge Services and earn bonus points on selected Qantas products and services.
  • Freebies: You'll join Qantas Business Rewards membership fee for free and access bonus points and discounts on business-related services.

  • After the first year, employee cards are $75 annually
  • Qantas Points can't be transferred or gifted review

Editor Review

ANZ Qantas Business Rewards

Pauline Hatch
Pauline is a personal finance expert at, with 8 years in money, budgeting and property reporting under her belt. about this card.

Who suits the ANZ Qantas Business Rewards card?

Business Ace: you want a smarter business strategy by earning points and freebies, tracking employee spending and simplifying accounts.

The ANZ Qantas Business Rewards is a new credit card that brings some interesting features to the market. It has an enormous bonus point offer and a number of ways to earn points on spending, including ATO payments. I like that it gives you the opportunity to earn even more extra points using your free Qantas Business Rewards membership.

It also makes tracking and tax-time easier with data feeds to popular accounting software, allows unlimited employee cards and has a range of business-related insurances. It’s a high-powered business credit card with a reasonable annual fee, which is waived for the first year.

Full Review: ANZ Qantas Business Rewards Card

From interesting ways to earn points to nifty tech and business perks, there are a lot of ways this card can work for your business. I’ll start by unpacking the bonuses.

Bonus points. You can earn 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $6000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months after approval.
No annual fee the first year. The yearly fee consists of a $300 annual fee and a $75 Rewards Fee (because you’re earning points outside of ANZ’s rewards program). You won’t pay any annual fees the first year, but it will kick in after 12 months.
No additional cardholder fees the first year. In the same way, you won’t pay the usual $75 Rewards Fee for employee cards until the second year.

To get the bonuses, you need to be a new applicant and you can’t have transferred from an existing ANZ business credit card or account.

This account comes with 55 days interest-free, which helps with cashflow. You can pay invoices as you’re able to throughout the 30-day statement period, and then you have an extra 25 days to pay the balance before interest is charged.

Mastering the 55 days interest-free helps maximise the value of your points and keep your business expenses down.

How does the card work for your business?

The ANZ Qantas Business Rewards card does a great job of simplifying invoices and tracking employee expenditure.

Here are some of the facilities you’ll get:

Integration with business software. You can set up daily data feeds to Xero, MYOB, Inuit QuickBooks Online, SISS, Saasu, Reckon and The Access Group.
Simple monthly statements. Transactions are sorted by cardholder so you can track employee spending.
Control individual cards. You can set monthly spend caps and transaction limits to keep employee spending in check. You can also set individual Merchant Category Restrictions, which stop the cardholder from spending at specific places (supermarkets or cafes, for instance).
Free Business Rewards membership and upgrade. The Qantas Business Rewards loyalty program gives members access to flight discounts and epic bonus points on business-related services like energy plans, point-of-sale systems and car hire. For the first 12 months, you’ll be upgraded to Level 2 which has even greater discounts and bonus points (and you may qualify to keep your Level 2 or 3 status by year’s end).

Lastly, you can get a decision on your credit card application in minutes with ANZ GoBiz, which connects to your accounting software to assess your financial data on the spot. You’ll need to be using Xero, MYOB or Inuit QuickBooks and have at least 12 months of reconciled data in AUD.

To apply you must have held an ABN/ACN for the previous 12 months and be registered for GST if your turnover is more than $75,000 per year (and no more than $10 million).

How many Qantas Points can you earn?

Besides the 100,000 bonus points, this card earns points on everyday business purchases too.

Points on purchases. You’ll earn unlimited points, but it is a tiered structure. For every dollar, you’ll get 0.75 Qantas Points up to $15,000 per statement period. Then, you’ll earn 0.5 Qantas Points per dollar until the next statement period starts.
Points on tax payments. Many credit cards don’t earn points on government payments, but this one does. You’ll get 0.5 Qantas Points on taxes paid to the Australian Taxation Office as well as other tax payments or duties, including overseas tax payments.
Bonus points on special products. You’ll get 1 Qantas Point per $1 you spend on selected Qantas products, including QF flights and Qantas Club membership fees.

💡 Points can be redeemed for flights and additional baggage, hotel bookings and for items and services in the Qantas Marketplace.

I’ll take a moment to highlight which transactions won’t earn points, according to ANZ’s terms and conditions:

BPAY payments, cash advances, Cash Equivalent Transactions and AFTs, bank fees, charges or interest charges, government fines, bond payments or when the account is in arrears. Check the ANZ terms and conditions for more information.

More deal-sweeteners and perks

ANZ has a few more extras to throw your way that make business life a little easier.

Domestic and international travel insurance. Any cardholder can access the complimentary travel insurance as long as they meet the eligibility criteria, which includes spending at least $250 of travel costs on the card. You may be covered for rental vehicle excess as well.

ANZ Global Business Concierge. You can use concierge services 24/7 in 12 languages for travel information and to book flights, hotels, restaurants and ticketed events. It also gives you access to priority tickets and discounts for special experiences, sporting events and trade shows.

Unauthorised Transaction Insurance. Your business will be insured against unauthorised transactions for up to $37,500 per cardholder and $200,000 for the account in any 12-month period.

Unlimited credit cards. There is no limit to the amount of cardholders you can add on, just be aware that each cardholder will cost $75 per year after the first 12 months.

What’s not so great

This is a card with a lot of convenience for business owners. The biggest downside is the Reward Fee for each employee that starts after the first 12 months - although there are other cards out there that charge far more than $75 a year.

I should also point out that your Qantas Points can’t be transferred or gifted to anyone. They are held in your Qantas Business Rewards account (which you’ll get free with the credit card, saving you $89.50) for you to use for business purposes.

Who is this card for?

Small to medium business owners will get the most value out of this card. It earns Qantas Points at a good rate and it’s a bonus that you can earn points on tax payments. Using points for services, travel and retail goods can help offset business costs, too.

User reviews

ANZ Qantas Business Rewards ( based on 0 user reviews )

0% rating based on 0 reviews

Customer Service

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Purchase rate 20.24% p.a.

Cash advance rate 21.74% p.a.

Interest free period on purchases up to 55 days

Credit limits

Minimum credit limit $5,000

Maximum credit limit N/A

Fees & repayments

Annual fee $375 p.a.

Additional cardholder fee $0 first year, $75 per card annually thereafter

Foreign transaction fee 3%

Minimum repayment 2% or $25, whichever is greater

Annual fee the first year $0

Cash advance fee Consumer: 3% (in Australia); 3% of the amount or $4, whichever is greater (for overseas); Commercial: 1.50% or $1.50 whichever is greater

Late payment fee $35

Rewards and points

Rewards program

Rewards Program Qantas Frequent Flyer Qantas Frequent Flyer

Bonus points 100,000 points

Annual points cap uncapped

Bonus points spend criteria Spend $6,000 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval

Earning points with this card

Qantas Rewards points 0.75 points per $1 spent

Points cap per month 0.75 Qantas Points for every $1 up to and including $15,000*; 0.5 Qantas Points for every $1 over $15,000*, uncapped

Overseas earn rate same as standard earn rate

Additional features

Complimentary insurance

International Travel Insurance Yes

Flight Inconvenience Insurance Yes

Transit Accident Insurance No

Smartphone Screen Insurance No

Purchase Protection Insurance Yes

Extended Warranty Insurance No

Rental Vehicle Excess In Australia Insurance Yes


Domestic Travel Insurance

Complimentary Qantas Business Rewards membership (save $89.50)

ANZ Global Business Concierge

Unlimited employee cards


ANZ Qantas Business Rewards

Key features

  • 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you spend $6000 on eligible purchases within 3 months of approval
  • No annual fee the first year, then $375 thereafter
  • Earn 0.75 Qantas Points per $1 up to $15,000 in a statement period, then 0.5 points until the next statement period. Eligible tax payments also earn 0.5 points per $1.
  • Waived membership fee for Qantas Business Rewards plus free upgrade to Level 2 bonuses and discounts
  • Complimentary domestic and overseas travel insurance
  • 24/7 Global Business Concierge Services
  • Unlimited employee cards, normally $75 per year but waived for the first year
  • Unauthorised Transaction Insurance

Minimum criteria to apply for this card

  • Be over 18 years old

  • Good Credit and have not applied for multiple credit cards recently

  • Must be a permanent Australian resident, either a director, partner, or proprietor, with valid ABN or ACN. ANZ GoBiz applications: a minimum of 12 months operating under the same ABN or ACN, 12 months of reconciled financial data in AUD, GST registration for a business turnover of at least $75,000 annually, and an annual turnover not exceeding $10 million.

  • You have your personal details ready to complete the online application


Pauline is a personal finance expert at, with 8 years in money, budgeting and property reporting under her belt. Pauline is passionate about seeing Aussies win by making their money – and their credit cards – work smarter, harder and bigger

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