Consumer Money Management and Debt – Expert Opinions 2015
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Consumer Money Management and Debt – Expert Opinions 2015

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According to recent research conducted by the ABC, Australians owed approximately $1.8 trillion to banks and other financial institutions in 2014, which is the highest level of personal debt since 1988. By global standards this is among the highest in the world, according to David Skutenko of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The new E-Book on Consumer Money Management and Debt is therefore very timely with useful tips on how to manage our personal finances and to stay ahead of the game.

Personal debt includes mortgages, credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans. According to Barclays Bank, Australia leads the field in debt with credit continuing to increase , while the rest of the developed world is paying it down. Consumer Money Management and Debts highlights some of the pitfalls we should try to avoid and provides some strategies for managing our personal finances more effectively in order to keep our heads above financial water. For those who are already so deeply in debt that bankruptcy and other insolvency arrangements are inevitable, it also has useful advice.

The authors of this work come from varying backgrounds including accounting, insolvency practitioners, mortgage brokers, financial advisers and debt specialists.

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Founder - Roland B Bleyer

Roland Bleyer

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