The VISA infinite credit card is an invitation only prestige card.  It is sometimes offered by a couple of private banks such as St. George’s private banking.

VISA infinite is designed to be the pinnacle offering for VISA and is aimed at the top 1% of the VISA card holder base.  It is seen as a “beyond platinum” card.  Due to its design it is sometimes called a “black card”.

Prestige cards are intended as a level above the normal credit cards.  In return for superior services and an air of exclusivity the card holder pays higher interest rates and annual fees.

One of the features of the VISA Infinite card is that they offer a personal concierge service.  This allows for a specialised assistant to deal with a large number of mundane tasks such as arranging appointments and buying travel and concert tickets.  They will also be able to supply help on the best places to dine or stay in within most cities around the world.  This can be accessed every day and at every hour.

The VISA infinite card offers quite a lot of free insurance.  This includes travel insurance, emergency medical insurance and car rental insurance.  There are luxury travel offers that are made to VISA Infinite card holders as well as an extensive rewards programme which can be customised to allow points to be substituted for cash to buy the best rewards on offer.

There are a number of financing options available including instant action to cash up to the credit limit of the card.

As it is a VISA card it can be used as normal throughout the world, in 29 million locations and one million ATMs in 120 countries.  However due to the high intercharge fees that the VISA card can charge, some vendors will refuse the VISA Infinite card even when they take other VISA cards.

It is impossible to get the VISA Infinite credit card by simply applying for it and many of the same benefits can be obtained by taking a platinum card.  Most platinum cards have concierge services and customisable reward points.  Unlike the VISA Infinite card it can be applied for at a number of banks and is accepted everywhere where VISA cards are accepted.

VISA Platinum cards also have travel offers and free insurance.  The VISA Platinum card costs considerably less than a VISA Infinite card.  Banks that offer VISA credit cards include Bank of Queensland, HSBC and ANZ.