Low Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Current hot offers in market include the Bankwest Breeze with a 0% for 13 month balance transfers and very low rate on purchases of 11.99% p.a. The Westpac low rate card is the most popular with 0% for 14 months plus low annual and purchase rates. An unpaid balance refers to this low purchase rate for both these products. ANZ have come to the party updating all their credit cards to a 0% for 12 month balance transfer. The ANZ platinum card is performing best with no annual fee for the first year to compliment the balance transfer. Citibank has just launched a 0% for 24 months on their Platinum card. This card comes with a top class rewards program and nice credit card perks. The downside is a 3% handling fee on the balance transfer. Still over 24 months people could save a large amount on interest.

Compare offers closely, make the most of the deal and pay off as much as you can in the time available. Questions? See Balance Transfers FAQ and Balance Transfer Guide

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