Credit Cards For Christmas

The credit cards for Christmas are a selection of great value offers that could help manage your money more effectively over Christmas. For more information on shopping with credit cards, read our Christmas shopping guide. Our range of recommended credit cards for Christmas includes:

• Great interest rates on purchases, pay 0% to allow some breathing space on interest charges at Christmas
• Cards that offer interest free purchase periods in many department stores, from 6 months up to 5 years
• Some of the best current balance transfer options to move your current debt over to a new card and get a firm grip on your finances for Christmas
Please note that all these offers may be withdrawn by the banks at anytime. We look forward to Christmas in 2014

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    • citibank clear platinum
    • Citibank Clear Platinum

      0% on purchases, cash and BT

      Pay 0% p.a. on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances and for the first 6 months with ~half annual fee 1st year. Standard purchase rate of 12.99% p.a.

    • 0%for 6 months
    • 21.74%p.a.
    • 0%6 months
    • $49~
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    • commonwealth bank low fee mastercard
    • Commbank Low Fee

      $200 cashback offer

      Limited time offer, get $200 cashback when you apply online for a new Commbank credit card and $0 annual fee for qualifying CBA customers spending $1,000 or more per year

    • 19.74%p.a.
    • 21.24%p.a.
    • 5.99%5 months
    • $24
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    • HSBC_BlackCard_FRONT_NoTag_2017
    • HSBC No Annual Fee

      0% Balance Transfer for 6 Months and Interest Free purchases for up to 5 years at over leading 1,000 retailers in Australia mean this is one of the best no annual fee credit cards available.

    • 17.99%p.a.
    • 21.99%p.a.
    • 0%6 months
    • $0
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    • bankwest breeze classic
    • Bankwest Breeze Classic

      Huge 0% Balance Transfer Offer

      Great 0% p.a. balance transfer offer for 13 months. Fantastic low interest rate credit card - the balance transfer reverts to Australia’s lowest ongoing MasterCard purchase rate.

    • 11.99%p.a.
    • 21.99%p.a.
    • 0%13 months
    • $59
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    • cba american express awards credit card
    • Commbank Awards

      1.5 Awards points per $1 spent

      Commbank Awards Credit Card offers $200 cashback with up to 1.5 Awards points for every $1 spent on the American Express card

    • 20.24%p.a.
    • 21.24%p.a.
    • 5.99%5 months
    • $89
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