Credit Card Application

One of the first things to think about when you apply for a credit card is the application itself. Filling out an online credit card application is something that’s really easy to do when you have all your required documents ready ahead of time.

In fact, when you fill out all the details correctly online, in most cases you will have an idea of whether your application will be approved within a few hours (it can even be within minutes!). So when an application has been ‘conditionally approved’ so quickly you can get your credit card even sooner by having hard copies of all the documents you will need to hand at the time you submit your application. You can click straight through to the application form for cards listed below.

To get you thinking about what you’ll most likely need, you should organise copies of your main bank card or credit card, your drivers’ licence or passport, your last 4 payslips (or more of you are paid weekly) and some recent bills or official letters with your current address on them. Contact details for your place of work, and ideally your HR representative, are needed as well.

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